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The vaccine maker in India hopes to share the photos by the end of the year

NEW DELHI (AP) – The Indian Serum Institute said on Tuesday it hoped to deliver doses of coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year through a UN-backed effort known as COVAX and other countries delaying immunization against COVID-19. directed efforts.

The Indian Serum Institute, COVAX, the world’s largest maker of vaccines, COVAX, which supplies the bulk of vaccines, announced in March that it was postponing all exports of coronavirus vaccines to deal with the outbreak.

At the time, the World Health Organization and one of COVAX’s partners, Gavin, said they expected the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines from HUNDIA to resume by June, with the disruption affecting some 90 million doses.

“SII has reached more than 200 million doses,” the serum institute said in a statement posted on its Twitter account on Tuesday. The company said there had been a “heated debate” over the past few days over a possible vaccine export decision by the Indian government.

“We continue to grow and prioritize India,” the company said. “We hope to start delivering COVAX to other countries by the end of the year.”

As early as April, immunization plans in 60 countries were discontinued because delayed delivery of COVAX meant that many had no other source of COVID-19 vaccine.

Adar Punawala, executive director of the Serum Institute, had previously warned that if the coronavirus crisis in India did not ease, “I am afraid of what we will have to do and what will happen.”


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