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The United States is joining the global crackdown on violent extremism online

WELLINGTON, New Aland’s (AP) – French President Emanuel Macron says the Internet continues to be used by terrorists as a weapon to spread hatred, two years after the massacre of 51 Muslim fans in New Aland’s live broadcast on Facebook.

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It was part of a global effort by Macron և և a և a վարչապետ վարչապետ աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս աս

US Government և Four other countries joined the effort for the first time this year, known as the Christchurch Call. It involves about 50 nations, including technology companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, named after the city of New landland անդland, where two mosques were slaughtered.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris John Onson said in an estimated video that the authorities of his country alone have removed more than 300,000 pieces of terrorist material from the Internet in the last decade, which he described as a tsunami of hatred.

“The content of terrorism is like a metastatic tumor or tumors on the Internet,” said John Onson. “If we can’t excise it, it will inevitably spread to homes and high streets.”

Since its inception, governments and technology companies have in some cases collaborated to uncover the content of online extremist violence. Ardern, however, said more tangible progress was needed to stop its spread.

The purpose of the meeting was to revitalize coordination efforts, particularly after President Biden took office and involved more technology companies. Macron and Ardern hailed the US decision as a possible impetus for stronger action.

Macron said the Internet continues to be used as a tool in recent attacks in the United States, Vienna, Germany and elsewhere. He said that this could not be repeated, that the new European regulations against extremist content would help.

Arder said the momentum was strong two years after Christcherch’s call was launched. But he acknowledged that the challenge of playing whac-mole with different countries, internet platforms and algorithms could be a boost to extremist content.

“The existence of algorithms is not necessarily a problem. “Is it ethically used or not?” Ardern said. “And so it’s probably the biggest focus for the community for next year.”

He said part of the solution is to equip Internet users with a more accessible generation so that they have the skills to deal with radical content or misinformation when they encounter it online.

Although Arder, the United States officially joined only Christcherch’s call this year, it has continued to contribute, Ardern said.

“Countering the use of the Internet for the radicalization and recruitment of terrorists by violent extremists is a high priority for the United States,” said Psaki, a White House spokesman. He emphasized the need to focus on freedom of expression and to protect the “secret expectations of private life”.


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