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The United States is imposing sanctions on Chinese computer makers, expanding the technological battle

BEIJING (AP) – The Biden administration has added seven Chinese supercomputer research laboratories – manufacturers – to the US Export List, expanding with Beijing on technology and security issues.

The move, announced on Thursday, is the latest sign from President Joe Biden that he is committed to the tough stance taken by his predecessor, Donald Trump, on China’s tech industry, which Washington sees as a potential threat.

The decision adds to growing controversy over the ruling Communist Party’s industrial plans, access to American technology, allegations of cyber-attacks and business secrets.

The Department of Commerce said the latest penalties block researchers and manufacturers from accessing US technology.

Biden has said he wants better relations with Beijing, but has indicated that he will not lift sanctions imposed by Trump on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and other companies.

The Communist Party responded by saying that accelerated efforts to turn China into a self-reliant “technological power” would become a major economic priority this year.

Chinese-made supercomputers have set speed records, but they are assembled from US-based processor chips and other equipment. They can be used in the development of weapons by simulating the aerodynamics of nuclear explosions, fast or stealth aircraft, missiles.

Recent US fines have affected the national supercomputer centers of Super Ina, Shenzhen, Wuxiengengzhou, Tianjin Fitu Information Technology, Shanghai High Performance Integral Chain Design Center, and Sunway Microelectronics.

At the same time, US telecommunications regulators are in the process of depriving three Chinese telephone operators of the right to work in the United States.

Trump also tried to force the Chinese owner of the TikTok video service to sell his US unit, and ordered the Americans to be barred from investing in Pentagon-listed companies linked to China’s military.


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