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The United States is dramatically increasing key genetic testing for COVID-19 variants

The United States now analyzes about 14,000 cases of coronavirus each week in genetic sequence to identify the most common versions.

That was last week’s 250th round when Valensky took office last month.

New versions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus found in the UK, South Africa and Brazil are spreading more effectively. Each of these variants has been found in the United States, giving urgency to the country’s efforts to understand how they are spreading.

Valensky says about 3% of cases are sequenced to find options. “It definitely needs to be scaled up,” he said.

The CDC works with seven academics to sequester about 4,000 samples a week, and commercial labs sequester about 6,000 cases a week, Valensky said. They are expected to further expand their capabilities.

As part of President Biden’s economic stimulus program, Congress is proposing additional $ 1.75 billion in funding to expand the sequence.

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