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The United States has fined German software company SAP $ 8 million for imposing sanctions on Iran

U.S. prosecutors said on Thursday that German software giant SAP would pay more than $ 8 million in fines for smuggling its products to Iran.

The United States has said the company could face tougher sanctions and prosecution if it did not voluntarily disclose its actions in violation of US sanctions against Iran.

The company has agreed to penalties for changes to its practice as part of an agreement with the US Department of Justice, Commerce and Treasury departments.

SAP said it welcomed the resolution.

“We take full responsibility for the conduct that has taken place, we have expanded our internal oversight to ensure compliance with existing legislation,” the company said.

SAP did not properly use its geolocation filters to detect, block, and detect thousands of Iranian software downloads for years. ,

This has allowed a number of Iranian-controlled front companies, some of which are allegedly affiliated with the government, to use the software, including the well-known SAP product used by human resources departments to manage workers’ hours.

“It did not pose a serious threat,” he said. “It was a more standard SAP suite.”

He said some senior SAP executives were aware that their export controls had been inadequate for years before they were rectified.

The resolution is the first to mention a policy of “voluntary self-disclosure” that has been in place in books since 2016 and was amended in 2019 to encourage greater participation.

It is intended to show that it is beneficial to come to the US authorities before being caught, said Assistant Attorney General John von Demers.

“This could have been much worse for SAP if we had found out for ourselves,” he said.


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