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The union election in Amazon drew 3,215 voters, the union said

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More than 3,200 ballots were cast in the election to determine whether Amazon.com employees would join a retail union, with a 55% turnout, according to the RWDSU.

The counting of ballot papers in the closely watched trade union elections at Amazon Warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama will begin on Thursday or Friday. About 5,800 employees were eligible to vote.

The election ended on March 29, but Amazon և union held the ballots for several days with violations such as problematic signatures, torn envelopes, and disqualification from voting. These contested ballots, which RWDSU says are in the hundreds, will be reviewed only if they are sufficient to change the outcome of the election.

If the winning advantage in the count exceeds the contested ballots, a winner will be declared. If not, the National Labor Council will hold a hearing to determine the validity of the contested ballots and to add the ballots deemed acceptable for the final count. Both parties have a chance to run in the election before the NLRB can finalize it.

The calculation, which is expected to take several hours, will be open to the media via Zoom.

The election is one of the highest-level clashes to date between an anti-union “organized labor force”. The union’s trade unionists said they wanted more feedback on the work of the high-pressure workplace. Amazon claims that its $ 15 starting salary համապատասխան benefits համապատասխան already covers what trade unions usually require.

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