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The Spanish government wants clarification on the case of racism

MADRID (AP) – The Spanish government wants explanations for actions taken by officials from the league and the Football Federation after a player said last weekend that he had been racially abused.

The government, through the Ministry of Equality and Social Rights, sent a letter to the Spanish Football Federation on Wednesday expressing “concerns about such situations”, which occur “often in our country’s football matches”.

“This concern prompts us to ask what are the specific actions that have been taken effectively, particularly in this case,” the letter said, referring to “preventive measures” that would be taken in the future to “avoid such situations”. in the football stadiums of our country. “

The incident took place on Sunday in the Cadiz-Valencia match, in which the players left the field after defender Muktar Diakhabi said that he had been racially insulted by Cadiz player Juan Cala. This is the deceiver! Kala denied any wrongdoing.

The match continued after the Valencia team returned, saying that the referee felt threatened with losing points. Diachabi was replaced before the game resumed. Kala was later substituted in the game, which Cadiz won 2-1.

The government letter said it was “alarming” that the game was going on without a player being accused of racism, while the one who allegedly insulted was left on the pitch.

The Spanish league said it would respond to the government letter later Wednesday. On Monday, he said he condemned “all forms and forms of racism” and said he took “all allegations of racism” seriously. It added that “it will work with the clubs ության refereeing to do whatever it takes to uphold the values ​​of equality and respect that prevail in Spanish professional football.”

The incident on Sunday was under investigation.

“We are confident that all agents who play a significant role in the relevant field of our country, such as football, are resolutely committed to racism and will do everything possible to prevent the tragedy that took place last Sunday,” the government said in a statement. in his letter.


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