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The sounds confirm the 2021 plan to host the fans. The season, but they are still waiting for the final decision of Governor Insley

When the Sounders open their season on April 16, fans should rejoice for the first time during the 2020 live broadcast. From March 7. The club received final approval on Monday from the regional health authorities և Fans are allowed to host Lumen Field in 2021. During: Season Tickets go on sale on April 13.

Gov. Aye Insley had initially approved hosting people outdoors in March, limiting capacity to 25 percent of the facility’s seats or 9,000 spectators, which would be less than that.

The Sounders are waiting until April 13 to actually sell tickets, as it coincides with the date when Inslee plans to find out if King County will remain in the third round. If the county is relegated to the second round, the club does not expect to host fans.

The Sounders plan to sell about 7,000 seats for each of the club’s five opening games at Lumen Field. It starts the season on April 16 against Minnesota Minnesota Մին includes LA Galaxy (May 2), LAFC (May 16), Atlanta United FC (May 23) and Austin FC (May 29).

Sounders Season Ticket members, numbering approximately 30,000, will receive priority ticket availability on April 13. If all tickets are sold out before a Season Ticket member can purchase, their priority will be available for future matches. Memberships are still available, more information via SoundersFC.com or by calling 877-MLS-GOAL.

All other tickets will go on sale to the general public on April 14.

“This is a day we’ve been working on and dreaming about for a while,” said Peter Tomozawa, co-owner and head of business at Sounders. “Getting to the point where we can greet the best MLS fans on Lumen Field would not have been possible without the leadership of so many of our community leaders.”

The Sounders said they worked closely with the public health directors of Inslee, King County CEO Dow Constantine, and Seattle Mayor Patty Hayes of Seattle and King County of Seattle.

“I also want to remind our fans to be vigilant as we continue to fight the epidemic,” Tomozawa said. “We encourage everyone in our community to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible, to stay away, to wear masks and to wash their hands.”

The Sounders announced the following as part of the game’s updated protocols լրացուցիչ additional security measures that apply to all Lumen Field games until further notice.


Face masks are a must for Sounders FC fans aged two or older. Fans do not have to wear them while actively eating and drinking. Face masks that fit in the CDC guidelines are considered appropriate for guests when they are in the stadium, they should be tightly woven, firm on the face, while covering the nose and mouth.

POD seats և cheap tickets

The Seat Manifest allows for a full six-foot distance between ticket groups or capsules. Ticket capsules range from one place to six sets. Most pods will be groups of two to four. Floors can be changed or added, but all capsules are sold according to the following rules:

  • All tickets will be sold in ticket caps (one to six tickets) to be purchased together. Ticket capsules must be used by members of the same household or permitted quarantine unit as permitted by regional health authorities.
  • In the event that ticket transfer is permitted, all capsule tickets must be transferred as a single point, և the transferor is required to create an account with Ticketmaster Account Manager, accepting all of these terms and conditions.
  • No more than two ticket caps will be shared in a row to prevent any ticket caps from having to pass through another pod through the hallway or corridor.

Sounders FC game day is now an insensitive experience. With Ticketmaster Account Manager, Sounders fans can scan their tickets right from their mobile device when they log in to Lumen Field using a new pedestal ticket self-service scanner. All tickets are e-2020, and no paper tickets are allowed or printed. No PDF of tickets is allowed. Lumen Field remains a non-cash place, և points of sale are insensitive, including concessions and retail. Lumen Field’s transparent bag policy remains in place.


Lumen Field has implemented a number of enhanced measures to make the Sounders FC game day experience as safe as possible, including inexperienced wildlife experience, new food and beverage protocols, in addition to improved sanitation. The bathrooms have been upgraded with careless faucets, toilets and urinals, while all sales transactions at Lumen Field have been moved to non-cash to eliminate the distribution and exchange of money. The number of unrelated points of sale in the points of sale, in the market, in the parking lots and in the retail outlets has increased, later using chip readers և “paid terminals”.

It should be noted that Lumen Field has become a GBAC ™ STAR accredited location for the establishment of the only outbreak prevention, response and recovery industry facilities for facilities.


Grab & Go versions have been added throughout the Lumen Field to reduce staff և fan connections. All food items are served in a container with a lid և utensils must be individually wrapped, while Plexiglas guards are placed in all systems of counters և outlets to protect fans և staff. Self-regulating kiosks have also been set up to further reduce contact.

A reduced list is suggested to start the MLS season, taking into account the faster time of guest transactions և in the kitchen և less clutter in the preparation areas.

FULL SOUNDERS FC FAN FAQ: https://sndrs.com/mmddfp:


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