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The Slovak Coalition Party is ending its withdrawal from the government

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) – A party in Slovakia’s ruling coalition withdrew from government on Thursday amid a political crisis over a secret deal to buy a Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Two ministers from the Freedom and Solidarity Party, Foreign Minister Ivan Korkok and Education Minister Branislav Grohling, have joined their leader, Richard Sulik, in resigning from the presidency. Sulik resigned as his deputy prime minister on Monday.

Sulik said on Thursday that his party was leaving the coalition until Prime Minister Igor Matovich resigned.

The price hike erupted three weeks ago when a secret deal broke out involving Slovakia agreeing to buy 2 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. The populist prime minister agreed to the deal despite disagreements with his coalition partners.

Matovic supports the purchase of Sputnik V, saying that it will speed up the vaccination program in one of the most affected countries in the European Union.

But two parties in his coalition government, Freedom, Solidarity, and the People, which have repeatedly clashed with Matovic Ս ordinary people over the epidemic, demanded his resignation as a condition for the coalition to survive.

Matovic said he was ready to step down on the condition that he take over as deputy prime minister. Freedom and solidarity denied it.

Matovic և կուսակց և գործ տարի ՝ կուսակց կուսակց և կուսակց կուսակց կուսակց կուսակց կուսակց կուսակց կուսակց ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով ով :


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