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The Senate works at night with the help of a virus on the way to the crossing

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate on Saturday night worked hard on the Democrats’ $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout bill following a stalemate in a deal between leaders և Manhattan’s moderate unemployment benefits that halted the stalemate.

The compromise announced by Mancin, DW.Va. և ական օգ օգ օգ օգ և D D D D D D D W D D D D D W D D D D D D W W:::::::::::::::::::: The bill would then be returned to the House, which, as expected, would give it final approval by Congress and send it to Biden for signature.

Biden’s priority is to fight the deadly epidemic and get the economy back on track. It would provide most Americans with up to $ 1,400 in direct payments, և money for COVID-19 vaccines և testing, assistance to government և local government, schools և airline industry support և health insurance subsidies.

Just before midnight, the Senate began adopting various changes to the rapid fire fashion. The votes were mostly for Republican proposals, which almost failed to succeed, but were intended to force Democrats to make politically awkward votes. It was unclear how long the “voice-a-rama” would last over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, the senators worked out more than a dozen changes without significantly changing the overall package.

The long-running controversy underscored the headaches faced by party leaders over the next two years, as well as the tensions between the “progressives” and the “centrists” as they tried to shift their agenda to Congress with their slim majority.

Mancin is probably the most conservative Democrat in the House և 50-50 King of the Senate. But the Democrats can not go too far to win Mancini’s vote without jeopardizing the progressive support in the House, where they have only a 10-vote lead.

Helping unemployed Americans is a democratic priority. But it is also a problem that is driving a wedge between the progressives who are trying to help the unemployed electorate to overcome the gloomy economy, Manchin and other moderate people who want to cut some of the bill.

Biden said Friday’s jobs report showed employers had added 379,000 employees, an unexpectedly strong figure. That’s still small, compared to 10 million fewer jobs since the epidemic a year ago.

“Without a rescue plan, those gains will be slow,” Biden said. “We can not afford one step forward, two steps back. We need to overcome the virus, provide significant assistance, and create inclusive recovery. ”

The general bill faced a strong wall of opposition to the GOP, Republicans used the unemployment deadlock to accuse Biden of refusing to compromise with them. “Can you pick up the phone right now to end it?” Senator Lindsey Graham, RS.C.

In an encouraging sign for Biden, a poll by the Associated Press-NORK found that 70 percent of Americans support the epidemic, including a remarkable 44 percent of Republicans.

The overnight change process has changed little.

R-Maine Sen. Susan Collins sought to exchange a $ 650 billion alternative offer from Republican centrists that Biden considered unsatisfactory. Those other changes failed, including Sen. Jon on Tester, D-Mont, on the Keystone XL pipeline.

A proposal passed by Sen. Maggie Hassan, DN.H., requires schools to develop programs available to the public to personally instruct them within 30 days of receiving the bill. It seems to have been designed to counter Republican criticism that Biden’s package does not do enough to reopen schools quickly.

Over the weekend, the House approved the relief bill, which included $ 400 a week in unemployment benefits through regular government payments until August. Mancin hoped to cut those costs, arguing that pay levels would discourage people from returning to work, which many Democrats and many economists have argued.

As early as Friday, Democrats claimed they had reached a compromise between the party’s moderate “progressives” by extending extraordinary unemployment benefits by $ 300 a week until early October.

The program, sponsored by Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., Also included tax cuts on some unemployment benefits. Without it, many Americans who quit their jobs would face unexpected tax bills.

But in the afternoon, lawmakers said that Mancin was ready to support the less generous version of the republic. That led to hours of negotiations between White House aides and senior Senate Democrats Mancini.

The compromise will provide $ 300 per week, and the last check will be paid on September 6 և includes a tax deduction.

Prior to the start of the unemployment benefit drama, senators voted 58-42 against the highest priority, with a gradual five-year increase in the current $ 7.25 minimum wage to $ 15. Eight Democrats voted against the proposal, proposing that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. And other progressives who promise to continue their efforts in the coming months will face a difficult struggle.

The vote began shortly after 11 a.m. EST ST and ended’s until almost 12 hours later, when the Senate adjourned for unemployment benefits. It was one of the longest running votes in modern Senate history.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, RK, embarrassed Democrats by calling their day-to-day efforts to correct the unemployment scandal “spectacular.”

“What this proves is that there are benefits to bipartisanship when dealing with a problem of this magnitude,” McConnell said.

Republicans have criticized the general aid bill as a liberal spending holiday that ignores growing vaccines and signs of a shocking economy suggesting dual crises are easing.

“Dem Democrats inherited a wave that was already reversing.” McConnell said.

Democrats deny this, citing job losses, and many people still struggling to buy food and pay rent.

“If you just look at the big numbers, you say, ‘Oh, things are getting a little better,'” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. “It’s not for the lower half of America. That’s not it. “

Unemployment benefits deadlock on Friday was not the first delay in the aid package. On Thursday, Sen. Ron John Onson, R-Wis., Forced House secretaries to read aloud the 628-page aid bill, an exhaustive task that gave staff 10 hours and 44 minutes and ended shortly after 2 a.m. EST.


Associated Press writers Lisa Mascaro ին Kevin Freaking contributed to this report.


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