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The Seahawks release the defensive end by Carlos Dunlap

In a move that now saves $ 14.1 million against the team’s 2021 salary limit, the Seahawks are releasing defender Carlos Dunlap, a source confirmed to The Breaking National.

The Seahawks և Dunlap tried to work out a longer-term deal but failed, մի part of the deal, when the team traded for Dunlap last fall, Seattle will now allow Dunlap to test the market in hopes of returning it.

Speculation about Dunlap’s future grew as the team և Dunlap agreed after a restructured contract was signed after he was sold from Seattle to Bengal on October 28.

At the time, Danlap had agreed to cut his $ 4.59 million salary, which he had planned for the rest of the 2020 season, to $ 2 million, instead of a $ 3 million bonus if he was on the Seahawks’ roster for the fifth day. 2021 League year (or, March 22).

That’s an additional $ 2.59 million for Seattle. Provided hat area in 2020 For the rest of the season, what the team needed, as they only had $ 1.4 million in hat-trick space at the time. 2021 Seattle grossed $ 5.75 million that day for the season.

ESPN’s Adam Schaefer first announced the move on Monday.

The $ 14.037 million hat hit would be the biggest on the team, with the exception of Russell Wilson ($ 32 million), Bobby Wagner ($ 17.1 million) and Tyler Lockett ($ 14.95 million).

Instead, Dunlap is now testing the market with a free agent deal for players whose 2020 contract expires on March 17.

“I’m absolutely confident I believe in betting on myself,” Dunlap told reporters via Zoom last year after he sold out Seattle’s news of his restructured contract. He was acquired for the offensive line BJ Finney (who did not play for Seattle last year) to be selected in the seventh round.

And Dunlap can no doubt think he made a big bet when he went on to score six goals in 10 games for the Seahawks, during which he helped revive Seattle defense. The Seahawks walked to allow the most yards in NFL history in the first half of the season, but instead became one of the second most stylish in the NFL, with the Seahawks finishing seventh with 46 points.

After the season, Dunlap spoke optimistically about continuing to play for the Seahawks, but said he understood the realities of the business.

“I would like to stay in Seattle as long as they have me,” said Danlap, who turned 32 in February.

For now, Dunlap is the former Seahawk, but a return is not ruled out.

This story will be updated.


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