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The riders start the season after walking on the giants, when the insult heats up late

Hello Ers? Gossip Gases Screams of admiration? And apparently by at least one female fan, leaving “WOOOOOOOOO !!!!”. after each stadium that could be heard throughout the social remote stadium և on ROOT Sports.

The voices of baseball fans at T-Mobile Park are back. And the sailors were so grateful to the 8,175 people in attendance at Puget Sound’s first sporting event that they let fans in for 13 months, rewarding them with an incredible rally, a free baseball campaign, to make up for what they had. lost

Considering everything that has happened in the last few events, the 8-7 victory of the Marines over the “Giants” was a bit anti-climatic. At the bottom of 10թ: Initially, the giants’ comforter Jose Oze Alvarez walked three strikers in a row: Taylor Tramel, Dylan Moore and Jacques Frail to force the winner of the game, Evan White, who started the second leg according to unusual rules changed for the major. League baseball.

As the players at the first base mingled with Frayley, the remaining fans, who left shortly after, stopped and applauded the efforts of the team, which was now 1-0, but seemed to be preparing for 0. Start with a good score of 1 in seven. innovations

“I have to say tonight, we were so excited for the fans tonight in the stands,” Mariners manager Scott Service said during the post-match video conference. “Guys, you have made a huge difference in that game. It’s not like making a fuss. It is real. Our players felt it. the other team felt it. So I think everyone, whether there were nine or 10,000 people in the stadium. Thank you. It’s great to have you back. ”

The In-Riders would not be in a position to win in that position if it were not for Mitch Hanniger’s brilliant, slippery hunt on the right end of the invasion, blocking the third stronghold.

Playing for Buster Posi to pull, Hanniger had to go a long way to break the ball near the breaking line. But he offered to remind about the level of talent that was lacking in that place since the injury in June 2019.

“I was absolutely crazy,” Tramel said. “She was ill. I strongly believe in this game. “I had no doubt in our minds that we would win this game.”

For the first crowd watching a game at T-Mobile Park since September 29, 2019, it was a well-deserved result when a crowd of 16,819 people watched the Mariners’ poor team, which had gathered for success, closed the worse season 3. 1 point advantage over A, finishing with a record of 68-94.

In the current version of the riders should be better, despite the post-season forecasts or expectations of breaking the 19-year playoff drought, և even their leadership often refers to the obsessive goal of “just getting better”, but many players, especially starting pitcher Marco Gonzalez, slaughter on such minimal hopes.

Probably, such a victory, when Gonzalez was not his usual exact self in terms of the commander, testifies to that conviction.

“It’s all the excitement of this team to play as a team,” said Gonzalez. “And seeing that these guys are being pushed back, hang on tight – get some good ABs later. It was very promising for the first game. “

Ստանալ 6 from an unexpectedly supernatural exit from Gonzalez. After falling to the bottom of the eighth start with a score of 1, while creating a minimum expectation of a return based on previous fighters, the sailors recorded six runs of a stunning giant bull in the eighth game.

Ty France started the scoring in the center, and Trammel leaned against the left-hand Jarlin Garcia, the score difference for three runs.

“Walking those nine steps is really against the rigid left,” said Service. “It was key.”

Facing side gunner Tyler Rodgers, Moore ambushed the first pitch, leading from the double to the right, scoring two goals and reducing the lead by two points, which Tramel considered more important.

“I would say it provoked everyone,” Tramel said. “I was in the first place, when I saw that ball going over my head, I was like, ‘We’re in business.'”

The giants seemed to be able to escape with the lead, when Jose Marmolejos, who hit a pinch, hit the ball on the ordinary ground, making the first run with one exit, and the runners, the first և third. But the poor throw of the first baseband Brandon to the second base to start what should have been the final double ended could not catch Brandon Crawford. It allowed him to become the author of two runs, giving the Mariners a 7-6 advantage.

That lead gave everyone one hit on top of the ninth. When he made his debut as a close, right-wing sailor, Rafael Montero made a costly mistake in the first shot in front of him, pressing Alex Dickerson. After rising 0-2, Montero made a change in the middle of the plate, which Dickerson smashed into the wall in the center, equalizing the game to 7.

Montero retired, giving the Marines the next three strikers a chance to win the rules. But the Giants’ closest Jake McGee quickly worked 1-2-3 to force additional innovations.

Rough start for Gonzalez

When the Mariners’ first pitch for the 2021 season, Gonzalez’s 87m / min wreck, remained on top of the goal area, it was not noticeable. When Gonzalez’s second pitch, which was also a wreck, missed the spot in the same spot, it caused the sailors to stop before throwing the third pitch, which was also a ball. That cutter also missed above the belt.

The 3-0 score for any striker, not counting the first striker of the season, seemed so anti-gonial.

Gonzalez’s first shot of the season took place on pitch # 4, right inside the corner. But that only calmed him down for a moment, because the fifth pitch, another knife, missed four balls in the belt for a walk.

To walk? From Gonzalez to the first blow of the season?

If you believe the baseball superstition, it was not a good omen, considering that Gonzalez had 277 hits in 2020, only seven. In 2021, he stood up to someone and walked over to him.

Although that one move did not lead to an immediate disaster, or even a run, as Gonzalez reunited to strike Michael Jastrzemski’s fake double-ball from Donovan Solano, the lead was the command խնդիր performance, which remained for the rest of the night.

Gonzalez made six innings, giving up five runs out of five runs in three steps (one intentional) with two strokes. Three of those hits were solo. Gonzalez never played more than one dough in a small sample of the top 11 last season. The three homers – two individual hits in the second final – Evan Longoria և Posey այլ another, Austin Slater’s fifth ining, equalized the maximum when he allowed a game.

“I’m struggling with some of the issues of the time, some of the things I’ve worked on ironing out,” Gonzalez said. “Approximately after the third step, the goal was to crush, to fight, to pass us by six, to keep us in the ball game. I persuaded my boys to go out and fight, but I, of course, put them in the hole soon. “


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