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The riders solve the mistake made with the former top director Lorena Martin

A lawyer who defended former Mariners director Lorena Martin on charges of illegally terminating the team said on Monday that his client’s arbitration case was “resolved” but declined to comment further.

The arbitration hearing was scheduled to begin in November. Martin’s lawyer, Robin Phillips, of Seattle-based Lasher Holzapfel Sperry & Ebberson, declined to say when the case was settled. Mariners and Martin did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In December 2018, Martin filed a lawsuit in King County Supreme Court alleging that he was fired in retaliation for team owner John von Stanton, minority owner Buck Ferguson, and CEO Kevin Metter for racial discrimination. The court later ruled that the case should be arbitrated under the terms of Martin’s three-year contract.

In oysters, Martin was fired in November 2018, just days after he joined a series of posts on Instagram criticizing General Deepo, Chief of Staff Andy McKay, and Scott Servis, accusing them of bad leadership. Mariners denied the allegations, saying that Martin did not draw their attention to them only after he was given an administrative leave in October 2018 for a number of work issues.

Martin’s lawsuit alleges that he complained to three high-ranking team officials about alleged discrimination in March 2018 during his first spring training session with the team. He was hired to make a big fuss in October 2017, but the lawsuit alleges that his relationship with Dipoto և McKay began to get rich after a meeting in January 2018, which he was called humiliating, and then he was soon deprived. from the promised responsibilities.

His trial claimed that Metri, after hearing about his treatment from Martin, promised to resolve the situation by ending the intimidation. The lawsuit alleges that Stanton adjourned Martin’s grievances to Metr, saying he would settle the matter and that he should stop contacting the sailors’ owner, Ferguson.

Instead, the trial escalated, things gradually got worse, և nothing was done.

Mather և Mariners are embroiled in a new dispute that erupted on Sunday when a video of a speech by the CEO of Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club on February 5 appeared. In it, Metr makes a number of flawless comments about countless issues խնդիրների players in which he admits that the team is manipulating his service time, criticizing the knowledge of English striker Julio Rodriguez և former pitcher / current coach Hisashi Iwakuma ել mispronouncing the surname hunter Luis :

Matter apologized, but calls for his dismissal continue. The MLB Players’ Association issued a statement on Monday calling the remarks “offensive” and “a very disturbing but very powerful window into how managers really view players”.

Martin’s lawyer, Phillips, is the same lawyer who wrote written complaints to the Mariners in 2009-2010 on behalf of two former executive assistants about the team that accused Matter and then the team vice president of misconduct at work. Those cases were resolved in court. According to sources close to $ 500,000, the sailors issued a statement in July 2018, following a Breaking National allegations, alleging that Meter had been the subject of complaints from two women at work, the team has since “compensated” »Them

Meter apologized, saying: “I did not understand at the time how my actions affected the people around me. I’m really sorry for the people I hurt, how I met them. “

After the case was settled, Meter was subjected to unspecified team discipline, and then in 2014 received the title of team leader. By the end of 2017, just before The Times published a story about inappropriate job regulation, he was promoted to CEO.

After the news of the settlements was revealed, Meter remained in his role. Stanton, then owner of the team, said that Meter had learned from his experience, becoming a great manager and executive.

Stanton also said that the problems left almost a decade ago do not reflect the current culture of the organization. A few months later, Martin filed charges against the team.

The Marines have denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning MLB’s in-house review and MLB investigation have been made by the former MLB Senior Legal Adviser.


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