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The riders have no answer for the White Sox power supply, losing 6-0

From a deadlock in their previous game to a dominant style breakout on Monday night, the Sailors were a stark reminder that they had better competition in these three-game series, figuratively pushing their throats through a series of unbeaten fast balls from Chicago. White Sox և their flaming pitchers.

Starting with the 2015 restructuring plan, with the addition of young free agents and qualified free agents, White Sox believes that they are more than just a wild card contender. And they offered some examples of why Mariners 6. A 0-0 victory that felt more awkward than the score.

“Not our night,” said manager Scott Service. “It simply came to our notice then. Night oh, that night happens. But the White Sox has a good club. We knew that entering that series. “They have gained power, they have batteries on their playing field, so we will make some changes, we will be back tomorrow after that.”

The jar trio teamed up to keep the Marines at bay, allowing three և 15 shots at a time.

Left-handed Carlos Rodon, who is the 5th pitcher in the White Sox rotation, used a mixture of hard, fast balls in the right-handers ‘hands, unpleasant slips in the left-handers’ lack of control. playgrounds to beware of Seattle strikers և gently shake the playing fields in the five areas of his work.

“Rodon had really good things,” said Servis. “The ball bounced off the post. “Tonight he occasionally dominated us with quick balls thrown into the net.”

Rodon, 2014 For the 3rd general election, the project never reached its expected potential mainly in terms of the range of injuries, including Tommy John’s surgery in 2019. White Sox is a non-competitive Rodon this season; he signed a one-year, $ 3 million contract to stay with the organization.

When his hand was finally healthy, he changed his seasonal arrangement. :

Rodon worked five times, allowing only two strokes with three steps, two strokes and five strokes. One of the hits doubled from the Mitch Haniger bat on the first shot, and the other was a soft-line engine to the left of JP Crawford to start the third. Both times he worked without a foothold, without allowing the run, not noticing the key blows.

In the fourth step, he had serious difficulties when he lost his point of departure; he walked Dylan Moore, Tom Murphy and Jake Frayley. It visited Katz Hill.

For some reason, Sam Hagerty, who was making his first start of the season, turned around on the first pitch he saw after Rodon. This led to a broken ball being pushed out of the ground by a third force. Rodon then hit Crawford to escape a ground blockage.

When Rodon’s night was over, White Sox turned to the talented recording prospect, Michael Kopech, who made two aimless shots using a fast ball that landed at about 96-97 miles per minute. Quick ball of the team to prevent the main team.

Seattle did not receive the same support from its rookie Just Astus Sheffield.

Faced with a team that had no previous challenge to Tim Anderson or the sleek striker Elo Jimenez, with the Sox still pulling out a bunch of right-handers or breakers, many of whom hit left-handed, Sheffield was already preparing for a difficult time to succeed. But unstable command և lack of feeling are on the field, which makes it worse.

“I definitely think I’m letting my emotions get the most out of me tonight,” Sheffield said. “I did not move forward as I wanted, I did not attack the belt as I wanted. I could hardly keep up with the speed of the blows. “

Sheffield did not do a single clean job. He walked the first striker of the game, creating a tendency to constantly walk on the ground. As long as he can get out of that circle unharmed, he will allow himself to run for three of the next four inhings.

In the second game, Sheffield slipped Jasmine Grandal 0-2. The wrong pitch was smashed in the Mariners bull for a և 1-0 advantage in a solo concert.

Sheffield’s tour really messed up in the third move when the defense allowed him. After allowing Yermin Mercedes the lead single, Sheffield seemed to get the much-needed double-kick from Kyle Sieger. But the former Golden Glove former third baseman made a mistake on the ball, which should have been a normal double game. Laurie Garcia threw himself down, և the ball bounced awkwardly from the plate չ did not allow Tom Mupri to play on it, loading the ground. After that, Sheffield was forced to run when it hit Andrew Vaughn’s leg, 2-0. Billy Hamilton, the No. 9 striker, hit the middle of the line, recorded another run, and the sailors allowed another shot to score for a double in the middle, which became 4-0.

In the fifth move, Chicago collected two runs from Sheffield Mercedes in the two-stage Mercedes singles, which started eight hits of its first eight fighters this season, and was named American League Player of the Week. Mercedes finished the night with three hits ունեց had 12 hits in its first four games of the season.

Sheffield finish line. Five innings placed, six runs allowed (four earned) in eight strokes in two steps և five strokes Of his 92 pitches, only 54 were on strike. Out of the 26 shots in front of him, he scored the first 12 shots.

“It just can’t happen,” he said. “I have to move forward. And when I do not come forward, it will turn into such nights, when it is a battle,: I have to answer for the calculations. “


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