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The Republican senator has a great idea of ​​saving the year for Washington public schools

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Edmonds School District no doubt left the room.

The huge impulse was late. The energy source was handed over by the president to the governor for some parents to return their children to class after one year of coronavirus-induced coronavirus.

So when Edmonds, the state’s 12th largest district, announced last week that grades 3 through 12 would not be back, you could just feel what was to come.

This means that other major districts, including Seattle, are also likely to be left out.

Edmonds said this could only be solved by securing the return of several of the youngest children to classes this year, again, again due to hybrid planning challenges and all the demands of classroom space.

As a result, older children “probably would not return to class until May, leaving very few individual instructions at the end of the school year,” the inspector said. You can also stay in Zoom!

So, here is a question. Why not change the end of the school year instead?

This was not my idea. It comes from Senator Brad Hawkins, a senator from the state of Vanuatu. He noticed all the struggles that schools have, going back to personal training. It was in his district that the photo spread nationwide this week as Wenatchee High School Orchestra children played their instruments as they struck green, plastic-sealed COVID-19 control tents like dystopian capsules.

“Fracture. “Schools have officially lost it,” read a typical comment on Twitter.

Hawkins, who previously served on the school board there, said all schools, whether returned or not, needed more time to adjust.

“The note is growing, but for all these different reasons, it is not going so well now,” he said. “Why not go to us for a while?”

Hawkins asks. Why not replace the spring break with a summer vacation? Spring break is a holiday for most school districts in early April. Instead of spending a week then, he says, take eight weeks off until June.

Then return to school, ideally in person, in June-July to complete the school year.

The genius of this program is that it does not require anyone to work extra days. It also provides a breathing space for several months from vaccinating school staff if they wish.

The hope of this program is that the coronavirus epidemic will end in June.

But what I like most about it is that schools can use it outside. Classes could be held outdoors. At least they could open the school windows. Huck is all so worn out by the epidemic right now that it would be fantastic if the school looked more like a summer camp.

Maybe the graduating seniors would only return in June. At least they would see their classmates again. My son, who graduated last spring with an early termination of the coronavirus, never had that opportunity.

Some states have already launched summer school initiatives to try to compensate for the loss of the COWID era. Tennessee attends a six-week summer school that raises staff teachers’ salaries. Colorado says its schools are hosting a “recovery summer.” My view on this is that they are welcome, with the caveat that students and teachers are dehydrated;

Hawkins’s idea is better because it just delays school days later. Another way to do this would be to increase your school attendance to only part-time this spring, while banking days will be spent later in the summer school.

“I say we have to reduce our losses,” he said.

“Right now, the districts are spending the remaining 180 school days struggling, but they resigned that it will be so. And then what? “Then we’re going to rest all summer as soon as the coronavirus image improves.”

It is obvious that all this is difficult, it is necessary to negotiate, that is why it will probably not happen in a big way. But the point is that districts need to be more creative in this crisis և they have a golden opportunity along with the school calendar. As well as $ 700 million in COVID-19 assistance from the legislature, which they can use to get creative.

An individual summer session, even for a few weeks, can be set as a way to end the social isolation of the year so that children are ready to return to class in the fall.

If nothing else, do it for the children of people with capsules in Wenatchee. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could train outside instead?


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