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The “red” states on the US electoral map lag behind vaccinations

SAVANNA, Georgia (AP) – Nearly half of American adults with coronavirus personnel are now embracing the excellent vaccine in the United States. Deeply divided red և blue states.

Leading the way is New Hampshire, where 65% of the population over the age of 18 has received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is followed by New Mexico, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts with 55% or more. Everyone has a history of voting for pro-Democratic President Biden in 2020. In the elections.

At the same time, there are five states in the interior, where less than 40% of people raised their numbers for the shot. Four of them – Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana – Tennessee – are thin Republicans, who voted for Donald Trump last fall. The fifth is Georgia Orgia, which has a Republican governor who has been supporting the GOP presidential candidates for nearly three decades before closely supporting Biden.

The regularity that appears. In the so-called “blue states”, Americans, who are thin Democrats, seem to be vaccinated at a faster rate, while those in the “red” Republican states are slower.

“We can conclude that the Red States ընտր voters who voted for Trump will be more difficult to vaccinate because we have some really good research to prove it,” said Dr. Howard Forman, a professor of public health and management at Yale Medical School.

A poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC in late March found that 36 percent of Republicans said they would probably not or would not be vaccinated, compared with 12 percent of Democrats. Similarly, one-third of American villagers say they are inclined to get shot, while less than a quarter of people living in suburbs shared that hesitation.

Forman warned that in most US states that receive vaccine shipments per capita, the demand for the shot still exceeds the supply. So it’s hard to know how many people are resisting until everyone wants to get those shots. But if the states soon start seeing a significant number of unfinished meetings with many who have not yet been vaccinated, he said the consequences could be serious.

“For a long time we could see significant outbreaks,” Forman said. “It will decide, in some cases we will return to normal.”

Past polls by AP-NORC have found that more Republicans than Democrats say the government has exaggerated the threat posed by the virus. Republicans were also more against restrictions and wearing a mask.

The CDC reports that nearly 121 million American adults, or 47% of the US adult population, have had at least one coronavirus operation. California, the country’s largest blue state, is slightly ahead of that rate – 50%. The largest red state, Texas, lags behind by less than 44%.

How fast states are vaccinated is not always linked to their voting.

Deep red South Dakota is one of the most successful states, with 54% of its population receiving injections. In general, the blue states of Oregon and Michigan lag slightly behind the United States – 45% each.

West Virginia, where Trump received 66 percent of the vote last year, became an early history of vaccine distribution success as the first U.S. state to include all nursing homes. And while Republican Gov. Jim my Justice Advocate continued to advocate for vaccines, West Virginia is now behind the United States as less than 42% of its population has received at least one dose.

Among those who say they will not be vaccinated is 58-year-old Martha Brown. Sitting outside his apartment complex in Charleston, West Virginia, Brown said he feared having a bad reaction when he developed cold symptoms after undergoing flu surgery last year.

“Without it, I’m fine,” Brown said. “I always wear my mask.”

Experts say it is too early to say whether discontinuations of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will increase vaccine reluctance. Government researchers are investigating reports of unusual blood tissue in six women who received the vaccine.

If the issue is resolved quickly and և safe onson և onson’s shooting is considered safe, it will have little effect on public confidence, says Claire Hannan, executive director of the Immunization Association. He hopes the response will reassure him that “the system works.”

“It’s really important to understand how closely we monitor everyone who gets vaccinated,” Hannah said. “We have systems to connect the dots.”

In a Chicago suburb, Enifer Rockwood was about to drive for an hour to shoot his John Onson և John Onson on Tuesday morning when he learned of the proposed break. After months of waiting to receive the vaccine, he canceled his appointment.

“Did that make me hesitate?” “Yes, that’s what happened,” said Rockwood, 49. “But I immediately went back to my kitchen counter, opened the laptop again, and saw what I could do to appoint someone else.”

He ordered a contract to receive the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday.

Trump publicly urged Americans to get vaccinated, but he secretly received his own injections, only to find out after leaving office. As president, he spent most of the epidemic to minimize the risk of the virus, even after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

Some Republican governors have also silenced their vaccinations.

In Florida, where about 44% of the population received at least one shot, the fact that GOP Gov. Ron Desantis received a single dose of the vaccine was not onson և ine onson was not disclosed until a reporter asked the governor’s spokesman a few days later. Many other US governors have been filmed on camera or held press conferences to try to convince people that vaccines are safe.

The Democratic governor of the state of Kentucky, who is voting for Trump, is trying to persuade more people to drown, promising to lift the epidemic restrictions when the vaccine level improves. About 1.6 million people in Kentucky received at least one dose, which is equal to the total in the United States.

Gov. Andy Bashir said Monday that he would lift restrictions on restaurants, retail stores, concert halls and other business opportunities when Kentucky reached the 2.5 million people filmed.

“The choice of each individual can bring us closer to the normality we seek,” said Beshar.


Writers of Cuneit Dill in Charleston, West Virginia և Sophia Epolito in Salt Lake City.



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