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The Red Sox unveiled a blue-yellow uniform before Patriots Day

BOSTON (AP) – The Boston Red Sox will have a new look on Patriots’ Day weekend.

They will honor the Boston Marathon ՝ by wearing blue and yellow uniforms, the colors that spread across the finish line of the famous race.

Boston will be the first of seven Premier League teams to wear a new uniform to honor their hometown. The team will break them without a red card on April 17-18, when they will host the Chicago White Sox in Fenway Park.

The Red Sox announced the upcoming look on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Very well. I think some people will like it, some will not,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said ahead of the game against Tampa Bay. It is not only the teams that market, but also their players.

“If you look at the NBA, it looks like they have a uniform, you have it every day. I’m all in favor of that. I think this league has no problem pushing their players out there, marketing them. “, – He said:

The shirts will be yellow, and the front of the “Boston” will be blue. At one point, they will have a “617” patch for the area code of the city where Fenway Park is located, and they will be in the race. They should also wear white pants with a blue hat in the open and a large “B” in the middle.

It received mixed reviews when it was shown to fans at the team’s next-door souvenir shop on Fenway Street 3.

“Why yellow?” said Alison Feinberg, 25, of Leomine, wearing a blue T-shirt with red “Red Sox” letters on the front. “I think they are a little too yellow. I do not understand yellow at all. “

When he was told that the city հ marathon should be respected on the weekends of Patriots’ Day, he answered: “Ah, all right. It cools down then. ”

Another fan liked the look of the bat.

“I thought they were amazing,” said Mark John Onson, 29, of Uninnown, New Jersey, who wore a gray David Ortiz T-shirt.

“The fact that they represent the Boston bombing is just Boston,” he said. “I am not even from here. I’m from New York և I’m coming here. I think the T-shirt is great, it has a great purpose. ”

The marathon, which was usually held on Patriots’ Day at 11 a.m. with the Red Sox, was postponed to October 11 due to the epidemic.

“For them to use a different uniform, I hope this is the beginning of something cool, people will be able to recognize these guys not because of the uniform, but because of them,” said Cora. “This is a great idea, I’re looking forward to wearing these two uniforms this weekend.”


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