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The Prime Minister of the Netherlands extends the epidemic blockade of his country

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Monday extended the tough virus blockade of the Koranavirus until the end of the month, but he added a note of hope to his message, predicting that the point would come when the vaccine dominated the virus. :

Rutte was speaking a week before the Dutch parliamentary elections, during which he sought a fourth term that could make him the longest-serving leader in the Netherlands. The epidemic casts a long shadow over other issues of the countdown to the March 15 three-day vote count.

Rutte said the curfew, which was part of the blockade, would remain in place through the election from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with polling stations open until 9 p.m., but people who work or visit polling stations will not be fined during curfew. for: violations

The government also called on people to avoid all foreign travel, but it is inevitable until April 15.

Ruth said children between the ages of 12 and 12 are allowed to resume swimming lessons from March 16, and adults are allowed to play sports outside, in groups of no more than four, together. two

Surveys have shown that coronavirus blockade has been declining in recent weeks as these 17 million people get tired of closed cafes, restaurants, museums and other meeting places.

“A group of non-food retailers across the country went to court on Monday demanding an order that would allow them to reopen to the public.” And on Tuesday, the hospitality industry umbrella organization is launching separate lawsuits over delays in paying government support to blockchain businesses.

Health Minister Hugo de onge onge said that if the number of infections remained stable or decreased, the government would consider reopening outdoor cafes and reopening unnecessary shops in harsh conditions.

For the past two weeks, the average daily seven-day moving average in the Netherlands has risen from 23.08 new cases per 100,000 people on February 21 to 26.42 on March 7. It is estimated that nearly 16,000 people in the country have died from COVID-19. ,


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