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The president says Germany has a “crisis of confidence” in the epidemic

Frankfurt, Germany (AP) – The German president says the country is heading for a “crisis of confidence”, urging people to “gather” to celebrate the second Easter holiday amid growing epidemic restrictions and a government response.

In a text message on Saturday, Frank-Walter Steinmeier acknowledged that “there were errors” in testing, digital solutions and vaccinations.

“Trust. “In a democracy, it is based on the very fragile understanding of the citizens and the state:” You, the state, do your part, I, the citizen, do mine, “he said. “I know that you, the citizens, are playing your part in this historic crisis. You have done a lot, you have left without much. ”

“Your expectation for the members of the government is ‘Unite together.'”

Steinmeier said the country has gone from complacent to extremely pessimistic in the early stages of the epidemic due to lower infection rates.

He urged Germans to “get together” and put aside “the constant frustration with others or people in high places.” He said the supply of vaccines would increase dramatically in the coming weeks, with Europe expanding its production capacity and “general vaccination efforts being joined by general practitioners in addition to large vaccine centers.”

“The wisdom is that we are not world champions, but he’s not a failure,” he said.

Germany, the European Union as a whole, has lagged behind the United States արագ in its speed of vaccinations amid complaints about slow vaccine procurement, redundancy bureaucracy. Polls by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Conservative Party have dropped as national elections are expected on September 26. Merkel is not running again.



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