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The President of Mexico now says that he will not receive the COVID-19 vaccine

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican president said on Monday he would not receive the COVID-19 vaccine because doctors told him he still had high levels of antibodies since he became infected in January.

“I have enough antibodies, I do not necessarily have to be vaccinated at this time,” said President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Last week, Lopez Obrador received footage of the AstraZeneca vaccine based on his location in a downtown area where he lives in the National Palace.

The president has repeatedly said that he will wait in line for his vaccination, he does not want it to become a “sight”.

In late March, Lopez Obrador said he would be vaccinated when people over the age of 60 in the central suburbs of Mexico take their first shots.

But he said the second group of doctors he had contacted had said it was not necessary, although he did not rule out receiving the second dose in June, which most adults would receive.

So far, Mexico has received 14.7 million doses of several brands of vaccines, and so far has fired almost 9 million shots. That’s still a small amount, given the country’s population of 126 million.

More about the COVID-19 epidemic

The 67-year-old leader was criticized at the beginning of the epidemic for not reporting the gravity of the situation. He reluctantly rejects stricter sanctions in other countries, calling for “authoritarian” tactics.

The country has registered more than 204,000 COVID-19 confirmed deaths, although the government estimates that nearly 324,000 are real victims of the ANCA.


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