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The penal colony of the last island of Mexico can now host cruise ships

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MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexican officials say ferries and boats may soon visit the former Isla Marias prison after the island’s last penal colony closed in the United States in 2019.

The educational camp did not go so well. Only 40 young people have been trained on the island, և The administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is now trying to find another solution, as the island has not reimbursed the costs of maintaining it. open

Officials said on Saturday they planned to build a larger ship port on the main island of Isla Madre, the only one of the four inhabited islands of Marias. Visitors will be able to walk around the prison on a remote island, but not overnight. Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco described the upcoming tours.

“The experience begins with a cruise ship or ferry from Mazatalan or San Blas to Isla Madre, and while traveling, passengers can admire the beauty of the ocean,” Torruco said. That would be quite a long way; The four islands are located 70 miles (110 kilometers) off the Pacific coast of Nayarit.

“Visitors will have their first contact with the island’s former prison, which has housed many criminals for 100 years,” Torruko said. Officials compared it to the US prison in the now-closed Alcatraz, saying tourist visits could begin within three months.

Founded in 1905, the penitentiary went through some periods of infamous brutality; in 2013, Islas Maria held 8,000 prisoners.

In Isp, the hemisphere was surrounded by distant prisons on the island, as in the movie “Papillon”, but all gradually closed. When Panama closed its Isla Koiba penitentiary in 2004, Isla Marias became the last to remain in America.

But far from the bloody authority of places like Satan’s Island, far from the bloody authority of the French Guiana penitentiary, which closed in 1946, Islas Marias sheltered many low-risk or high-profile prisoners; the colony was seen as a step towards release or rehabilitation. ,

While the prison kept mass tourism away, the islands were severely degraded by the environment, used for more than a century as a penitentiary.

The penitentiaries of the islands have been used around the world since the 1700s as remote, fugitive places to “rehabilitate” prisoners through hard work. Often referred to as “prisons without bars”, serving the ocean as the most effective barrier to escape, penitentiary colonies were known, at least in part, for their self-sufficiency and settlement of remote islands.

Eventually, Islas Marias came to an end, which cost Mexico much more per prisoner than in mainland prisons.

Chile closed its island in Santa Maria Prison in the late 1980s, Costa Rica’s լsla San Lucas Penitentiary closed in 1991 Իս Brazil’s Isla Grande in 1994. Peru abruptly ended his imprisonment on the island of El Fronto in 1986. Rifles exploded in most of the buildings, killing more than 100 prisoners.

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