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The PAP is trying to block Biden’s health election; It is decreasing

WASHINGTON (AP) – The election of President Biden as health minister threatens a two-day controversial Senate hearing. Republicans portray the Californian as unfit, but Democrats as steadfast, blaming the GOP for playing politics despite the epidemic.

Xavier Bekera, now the attorney general of the nation’s most populous state, will be created by two barbecue panels. Tuesday is the turn of the Health Committee, followed by the Finance Committee on Wednesday, which will vote on whether to nominate Becker for the Senate floor. If approved, he would be the first Latino to head the Department of Health and Human Services, a $ 1.4 trillion agency with a broad portfolio that includes health insurance plans, drug safety և approvals, advanced medical research և child welfare.

Becquera, 63, represented the Spanish-speaking neighborhoods of Los Angeles for more than 20 years before becoming chief of his state law enforcement, replacing Vice President Kamala Harris after winning a Senate election. His policy is liberal, but his style is low-quality, problem-solving. As a congressman, he played a backstage role in directing President Barack Obama’s health care bill through the House of Commons.

The Republican opposition has grown stronger by nominating him. On Monday, Ensign Kennedy of Louisiana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a letter asking Biden to withdraw his candidacy, calling Becker “unfit for public office.” Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called him a “prominent party member.” And Heritage Action for America launched a cable-to-digital advertising campaign against Becker.

Republicans say Bekera is a staunch supporter of socialized medicine, abortion, and restrictions on religious freedom, saying she has no medical experience.

Democrats reject it.

On Monday, Ron Wyden, chairman of the Oregon State Finance Committee, said Republicans were “just shaking up.” “They did everything they could to try to find something that could remain in the eyes of their opposition, but there is no ‘there.’

At a White House briefing, a spokesman for Psaki said Bekera was part of the team that Biden needed to implement his COVID-19 response plan.

The epidemic is expected to be dominated by questioning during Tuesday’s hearings on health, education, employment and pensions. The senators of both parties want to know about the administration’s schedule to return to normal, the course of the vaccination campaign, the prospects for reopening schools, and the threat of more aggressive viral mutations.

Bekera is expected to use as much time as possible to promote Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid program, which is on its way to the House but faces major political and procedural challenges in the Senate.

In many ways, Bekera was the first person to oppose the Trump administration in California. He was appointed by Governor ry Brown to replace Harris, and took over as Attorney General in early 2017, when Trump became president.

In four years, he has filed 124 lawsuits challenging the Trump administration over immigration, environmental and health policies. His Trial և Voice Resistance Trump’s policies may allow Republicans to portray him as an overly partisan figure. California was proud to consider itself a resistance to Trump, եք Bekera embodies that ethos.

Democrats say she does not leave her mainstream party, which strongly supports women entering abortion, where health care provided by a single-wage government remains a popular political position, even if Biden makes it clear that she is not. supports it.

Lack of medical experience does not disqualify a candidate for HHS Secretary, although this may be a plus. The last secretaries included one doctor, but he was also the chief medical officer, the White House budget director, and three governors.

Biden’s epidemic response is coordinated by the White House. Although Becerra could be a key player, the administration’s decision-making structure is already in place. Bekera is expected to play a key role in broader health policy issues, such as expanding insurance coverage in an effort to curb the cost of prescription drugs.


The report was co-authored by Kathleen Ronan, AP’s Sacramento correspondent.


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