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The NZ team defeated Luna Rosa 7-3 to retain the America’s Cup

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The New Aland Ամերիկland team retained the America’s Cup, defeating Italy’s Luna Rosa 7-3 in the 36th game for the oldest navigation cup.

On Wednesday, the defender entered the sixth day of the race at the point of the game, with a 6-3 advantage in the top 13 of 13 races. It won the 10th race with a 46-second northeast wind, ending its defense for the famous Auld Mugh.

The New Aland ելland team crossed the finish line shortly after 5pm local time in Auckland to the delight of tens of thousands of fans with the horns of more than 1,000 spectators, the coconuts of pirates

They gathered in the center of Viaduct port to return the New Aland ելland team from the racetrack, and later saw them lift the America’s Cup, the 170-year-old silver cup that has long captivated the world’s best sailors.

The victory was New Zealand’s fourth successful game in the America’s Cup after the victories of 1995, 2000 և 2017:. The Kiwis defeated Luna Rosa 5-0 in the same waters 20 years ago. Italy still has to win the America’s Cup.

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Unsuccessful at first with the entrance of the asterisk, it sailed perfectly in the beginning, overcoming the right side of the course, which was preferably early, when the wind tilted 15 degrees to the right.

After crossing in front of Luna Rosa twice, the kiwis turned to the left, noting the pressure upstream on that side, rounding the first mark 7 seconds before. The New Aland ելland team returned to the left at the top of the first run, but the race closed with a weaker wind.

In the middle of the six-legged race, New Aland ելland was 27 seconds ahead. Rounding off the last sign, it resulted in 49 seconds և, without any signs of tension on board the New Aland անդland, the race was over.

In retrospect, it seems that early reports indicate that the New Zealand team has a faster ship.

New Zealanders focused on the design process, coming up with a smooth, aerodynamic shell with small foils that create less hassle.

Luna Rossa took a different approach to obtaining larger foils that provided greater stability, fineness, and optimized light wind performance.

These contrasting design approaches were evident in each of the first three days of the match, when the teams exchanged victories and the score went 1-1, 2-2, 3-3.

Observers began to question New Zealand’s speed advantage, but the speed itself was not decisive. The winning ship won the competition in the short and narrow lanes of this America’s Cup. Like a slow escalator, a leading ship could stretch its elbows to prevent the ship from passing around.

This was partly due to the winds of the mass sails. While running nearby, the leading ship casts a huge wind shadow on the pedestrian boat. Peter Berling described it as taking a piece out of the wind.

That changed in the seventh race when the New Zealand team made the first pass. Luna Rossa was experienced in defending her leaders, but in the seventh race she split the New Aland անդland team, և the defender was able to reach his speed limit by sailing freely.

The eighth race is the race for which this match will be remembered for a long time. Again, it started with Luna Rossa in front և New Aland’s team trying to pass. The defender, who fell quickly, probably passed Luna Rosa in the fourth field. Instead, it spun in the shadow of Luna Rossa wind, lost speed, and fell off the foil.

Luna Rossa took the lead for more than 4 minutes, reaching the second absurd mark. But when the next blow reached its peak, Luna Rossa tried to cling to the dying wind and came out of the foil. The New Zealand team got up, regained its speed, went the way it went, four minutes before the four-minute deficit.

New Zealand came out of the deadlock, leading 5-3.

Tuesday’s ninth race was the closest to the match. Luna Rossa took the lead again, but only 1 second near the first goal, no more than 9 seconds for the next three digits. But it broke away from the New Zealand team on the next line, moved to the left side of the road, the New Zealanders again showed speed to pass the past.

In the end, it is unfortunate that all the races in the game went under the weak wind, the full potential of these amazing boats was not seen.

But on Wednesday there was no regret for the New Aland հավաքականիland team, because in 2021. St. Patrick’s Day became a milestone in the history of the America’s Cup.


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