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The NFL plans to lift vaccination restrictions

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The NFL plans to remove some of the restrictions on current COVID-19 protocols for vaccinated players, coaches and staff.

In a memo sent to the 32 teams on Wednesday by the Associated Press, the league described in detail the possible changes to the protocols used in the 2020 off-season. Among the elements that can be eliminated is the need to participate in daily testing. quarantine periods due to close contact with an infected person; և / or refraining from social gatherings among other vaccinated persons.

“It is expected that clubs that record a certain rate of vaccination among their staff, players, will be allowed to ease restrictions on the use of meetings, lunches and locker rooms,” the memo said.

After the first two days of virtual meetings between the team owners on Tuesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said he could pursue coronavirus vaccines.

“We will encourage all staff to be vaccinated, to work with the player association on all of these issues,” Goodell said. “We also use our platforms publicly to talk about the possibility of vaccinations.”

Goodell also mentioned the hope that in 2021 The season will be fully attended by the fans. It will be subject to COVID-19 local rules and protocols.

“We are discussing plans to welcome all the country’s fans in all stadiums,” he said. “We all want to see each of our fans back. “Football is not the same without the fans. We expect to have full stadiums next season.”

The league allowed the teams to start off-season on April 19, most of them volunteering, except for a mandatory mini-camp in June.

However, JC Tretter, president of the NFL Players’ Association, reiterated on Wednesday that the elimination of things like organized team operations (OTAs) և minicamps would do more good than harm in 2020.

“The good news for our sport is that although the FAL season seemed to be significantly different from previous years,” the Cleveland Browns Center said on the union’s website, “we learned that the game of football did not suffer from its defenses.” players more than ever! Our process is to go back to the science of what is safest for our boys, the many changes of the past year, such as the lack of out-of-season training / practice before the extended training camp, nor the pre-season games, gave us a year. “Data that shows that some of these changes are long-term is in the best interests of the game.”

Tretter reported a 23% reduction in time missed for injuries, a 30% reduction in concussions, a decrease in all types of ACL tears բոլոր lower extremities ում in all five years, a 45% reduction in heat-related illnesses.

“The level of injury time missed in the regular season was below the norm of the previous five years,” Traiter wrote. “It makes sense given that in our seasonal practice, there have been no significant changes in the game schedule. Due to the new (off-season) adjustment period, however, the training camp saw the lowest injury rate in the same period. “And without personal practice, in April, May or June last year, our players were able to prepare for the football season, avoiding unnecessary injuries.”

Nothing has been finalized about the spring: summer plans. The NFL memorandum tells teams that “they must be prepared for virtual meetings, at least in the early stages of the program.” As it was said during the meeting (Tuesday), we do not expect a copy of last season’s virtual training program. “


AP Pro football writer Teresa M. Walker contributed to this report.


More AP NFL coverage: https://apnews.com/hub/NFL և https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

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