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The NFL Annual Women’s Forum for Promoting Career Opportunities

She was horrified when Sam Rappoport decided to pursue his fifth year of NFL women’s career on the Football Forum.

How could the event include networking, business և friendship during the COVID-19 epidemic?

“It seemed like an insurmountable challenge to accomplish what we normally do in previous years,” said Rapoport, the league’s senior director of diversity inclusion. “But the interesting thing is that we feel that we have achieved more results, we have involved more managers, we have had more clubs, more people involved. We have organized many sessions for women to get to know each other, with a prep session we have never had before.

“I was blown away by how remarkable the women at Zooms were. The questions were well researched, they were able to impress our leaders. I think it helped to create an atmosphere where only a group of people had a football conversation. You can put any group in this program. “

The 40 women in the 2021 group, who wanted to work in the NFL as coaches, scouts and office workers, spent two days last week in remote contact with Commissar Roger Goodell and his wife, Jane Ein. Team Owners Sheila Ford Hemp of the Lions Դ Di Haslam of the Browns; a number of general managers և coaches; քանի Some women currently working in teams.

More than 100 opportunities, from internships to full-time positions, have developed beyond the forums.

“I came to the forum with coaching experience,” said Lori Locus de, who will soon be in the Super Bowl ring, assisting Tampa Bay in the defense as an assistant on the defensive line. “That practice is so valuable. you do not know what you do not know. The women sitting in the forum room (this year) are sitting with their future partners. Collectively, they are the next wave of what is coming to the league.

“It was invaluable to know that I was not doing it alone. We were all there to gather as much information as possible, to absorb it, to put it into practice. That’s what practice is, you make it what you get from it. “

“Goodels” is the champion of the forum, since its inception it has admired the results registered so far. At the beginning of last week’s event, the commissioner told the 2021 group at the beginning of last week’s event, addressing the investments that women make next door, in the front office, throughout the scout spectrum. is really remarkable. I hope you will see all these people who have been to your place before, and you will soon be part of this panel with a different staff. ”

For the second year in a row, Princeton Quality Control Coach Sophia L. was present. Lewin had an internship in Bills in 2020, but that never happened because of the epidemic. He is hopeful he will start his NFL trip to Buffalo this year.

His responsibilities at Princeton, which did not play in the Ivy League last season, were mainly related to offenses. supporting military exercises; work on a booklet; one-on-one provision with players.

In essence, he says, “the useful part.”

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love begins!

“My career goal has been to be the head coach in the NFL,” says Lynn, “but I also understand the need for flexibility in that.” I want to work with the best people I can work with. I want to win Super Bowls – I’d rather win 10 Super Bowls as a coordinator than fail as a head coach.

“The title does not matter to me, the impact is most important to me. Be successful in the group, on the field and outside. “

During each forum, Lewin witnessed the real, potential success of everyone, both past and present. From Humpy խորհուրդ Haslam’s tips: Bruce Arians: yes, Super Cup winner; ելուց Encouragement from Ron Rivera’s coaches in Washington;

She was also proud to be among the 40 women invited to this year’s forum.

“I learned last year that women who participate are extremely important to connect with,” says Lewis. “It turned out that some of my best friends were participants last year. I found out who I was connecting with, not just NFL people.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is phenomenal. What Sam և Venessa (Hutchinson, NFL Senior Football Development Manager) built is really a bridge for us. Most of us are in college’s trying to get out of the NFL. They decide the holiday, they inspired me to keep working, to present them better. They put their trust in us so that they can present themselves well. ”


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