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The next season has already begun to rebuild Orlando Magic

The next season for Orlando Magic does not start in October.

It started in March.

The next season, the next chapter, really started for the magic when the March 25 trading deadline came, the day Orlando traded in a series of moves by Nikola Vuևiև, Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier that were clearly moving forward in general. reload the core of the team:.

Injuries kept the team back և When offers came in to recruit young players, place bets or involve both, the Witch could not say no. So they said goodbye to Vuևiև, one of the best players in the history of Orlando, and started again.

“Listen, this is the hardest season I’ve ever had,” said Magic coach Steve Clifford. “I’m coming back, thinking about our team ‘s enthusiasm that we can be a surprise team because of the continuity. We played well at the end of last year, we had a lot of guys coming back, the other teams didn’t, as it did, Arևelk was not as good as he was. But we never managed to save anything. ”

And injuries were one of the main reasons.

Jon Onatan Isaac did not play at all this season due to a knee injury he suffered last August as a result of an NBA resumption balloon. Markel Fultz missed this season early due to knee problems. Problems continued to accumulate, լանդ Orlando broke up 21-51.

But the silver lining was that Magic experimented during the last six weeks of the season, and they were very well received. Cole Anthony averaged 15 points per game after the trade deadline and showed dramatic skill. Mo Bamba played some of his best games as a stretcher, և RJ Hampton started to flourish when he got solid opportunities.

“It’s going to be another way,” said FFF Weltmann, president of basketball magic operations. “It simply came to our notice then. When I was here, I never felt more excited about the team than I do now.


Magic is likely to have two lottery options in this year’s draft, plus a runner-up, so they have some options. As it stands now, in the next three projects they have five first-round participants. This allows Orlando to add talent to the conscription party, pack those selected for approved talent, or a combination of these.


Magic is unsure when Fultz և Isaac will return to the floor. Weltman said that all the teams hope that there are no failures in the recovery. “And there has been no setback,” he said. Given the typical recovery time of a torn ACL, it is reasonable to assume that Fultz may not be ready for the start of training or possibly next season. Isaac’s injury was even more serious, which is probably why a clear schedule has never been published.


Clifford is a coach who values ​​practice time, individual training, extra effort, all of which seems necessary given that 43% of Orlando’s shooting speed from the pitch this season was the worst in the NBA. Magic was the 27th out of 30 teams with 3 percentage points, it will not be able to end this happy period of 3 points in the championship.

They need points

Orlando outscored 9.3 points per game, second worst in the NBA and worst in the Eastern Conference. Magic has played nine home games this season, losing 22 or more points. No other team in Magic history has lost more home games by that many points.


At the end of the regular season, Orlando went 10-40 against 20 teams that had reached the playoffs or reached the playoffs. Against other non-post-season clubs, Magic went 11-11. They do not start from the bottom. they just need players to add the young nucleus that is developing at the end of this season.


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