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The Mexican leader examines beer, dry production in arid regions

MEXICO CITY – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador fights beer and milk production in areas where water is scarce.

Last year, Lopez Obrador scrapped plans for a huge brewery on Mexico’s northern border, and on Sunday he questioned the whole idea of ​​producing beer for export.

“How can we have breweries in the north?” How can we produce beer for export? What do we export? “We have no water in the north,” said Lopez Obrador.

Mexico has the largest share of beer exports in the world, with $ 4.6 billion in annual exports, mostly to the United States.

The president’s comments came during a ceremony in northern Mexico that marked the resumption of Quatro Cienegas, a system of reservoirs, saltwater pools that support colonies of cyanobacteria, and other species not found elsewhere, to restore more water flow.

The government says it has increased water flow to swamps and rehabilitated about 100 hectares (40 hectares) of dry land.

Local milk production ումը Consumption of animal feed water endangers the unique ecosystem.

Lopez Obrador has criticized the production of milk near Quatro Cienegas, an otherwise arid area of ​​Coahuila.

“Milk is (mostly) water,” said Lopez Obrador. “Why not use the south-southeast water of Mexico,” he said, adding that “there is so much water that it floods.”

Lopez Obrador said he was trying to boost development in Mexico’s impoverished but water-rich south, but that it was far from the United States, Corona’s largest export market.

A year ago, the Mexican government held a referendum to revoke the permits of a large border brewery built by the Corona brewery on the grounds that it would consume too much water.

The Constellation brands, based in New York City, have already partially built a $ 1.5 billion brewery near the Mexican border town of Calexico, California. Constellation owns Corona, Negra Modelo և Pacifico beers.


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