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The Mer mark is growing for the Merkel bloc to end its power struggle

BERLIN (AP) – Two candidates were pressured on Saturday as they hoped to lead German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right bloc in the September general election to end their power struggle and agree on which of them would run for office.

The leader of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, Armin Laskhet, and the leader of her smaller Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, Markus S Սder, have announced their intention to run for chancellor.

The German parliamentary elections on September 26 will decide who will succeed Merkel, who is not seeking a fifth term after almost 16 years in office.

Lասխscht և Soder are the governors of the two most populous states in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria respectively. Soeder rated the polls much better, but Laskhet is the leader of a newly elected political party that is far from the largest.

On Monday, Laschett called the CDU leadership behind his request and called for a speedy decision. But Sauder said the issue should not be resolved “only in the small back room”, citing his high-profile poll rating, angering many in the CDU.

The two candidates appeared in Berlin on Tuesday for a closed-door meeting of the Union parliamentary bloc, which, according to German media, exposed the CDU divisions. They announced the prospect of a decision by the end of the week.

There have been few signs of a move, but the growing decision requires a decision amid fears that a power struggle could do significant damage.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karenbauer, Laschey’s predecessor as CDU leader, appealed to Lasker դիմել Soder on Saturday to reach an agreement.

“No one can absolve them of this responsibility of the leadership,” he said, according to dpa news agency.

Friedrich Mertz, whom Lachchat defeated in January as party leader, said: “Get an agreement, Marcus Sawder և Armin Lashet. This country needs prospects. “This country needs leadership.”

The center-left Social Democrats nominated Finance Minister Olaf Scholz as their candidate for chancellor months ago. The Greens are due to announce on Monday that their co-chairs, Analena Baerbok and Robert Habek, will run for chancellor for the first time.


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