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The Los Angeles sheriff will reveal the cause of Tiger Woods’ accident

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is set to announce on Wednesday the reason why golf icon Tiger Woods crashed into a SUV in Southern California earlier this year. The athlete was seriously injured in a shipwreck.

Sheriff Alex Vilanueva had previously said that investigators had determined the cause of the crash, but he would not release it, citing confidentiality – the alleged need for Woods’ permission to disseminate information.

At a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, the sheriff will “discuss the aftermath of a recent traffic collision involving Mr. Tiger Woods, including the cause and effect report,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

On Tuesday, it was unclear whether Woods, who had previously called his yacht a “Secret”, was involved in the impending announcement.

Woods, who is from the Los Angeles area, was returning home for his PGA tournament at the Genesis Invitational Riviera Country Club when the crash happened on February 23rd.

He was driving a SUV he was hired for the tournament when he hit an elevated average on the Rolling Hills Estate just outside Los Angeles. The SUV crossed two overlapping lanes and uprooted a tree at the landing site, which police say is known for its ruins.

The athlete is in Florida, recovering from numerous surgeries. Woods has never been a full year without a game, starting with his first PGA Tour event as a 16-year-old in high school.

Four-time golf champion Rory McIlroy, who lives near Woods, said he was visited on March 21.

“I spent a few hours with him, which was nice. “It was good to see him,” McIlore told Masters on Tuesday. “It was good to see him in a good mood. When you hear these things, you look at the car, you see the accident, you think he will be in the hospital bed for six months. But he actually did better than that. “

Vilanueva has been criticized for weeks for her comments on the crash, including calling it a “mere coincidence” and saying there was no evidence of neutralization. The documents show that Woods told the deputies that he did not know how the accident happened, he did not remember driving.

Detectives have searched the 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV data recorder, known as the black box. Investigators, however, did not look for Woods’ blood samples, which could be tested for drug-alcoholism.

In 2017, Woods applied to the clinic for help with a prescription drug deal after paying DUI in his home state of Florida.


Associated Press Golf writer Doug Ferguson contributed to Augusta, August.


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