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The leader of Merkel’s party is trying to support the candidacy of the chancellor

BERLIN (AP) – The new leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party says he is confident of securing the support of his party, becoming the center-right candidate for Germany’s next leader when he and his rival announce their ambitions.

The union bloc aims to quickly decide on its candidate months after Merkel’s Christian Democrat leader, Marcin Laschet ասխ Marcus Soder, who leads his only sister party, the Christian Social Union, in Bavaria.

Laschet և Soeder, respectively, the two most populous states in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, respectively, both officially announced their readiness to run, but insisted that they would quickly find a harmonious solution. They did not say how they would do it.

CDU CSU leaders hold separate meetings on Monday. To the question of the Bild daily whether there is a majority in the leadership of his party for his candidacy, Laskhet answered.

Lasche’s support for the CDU is crucial, as she is much larger than both parties. It operates in 15 of the 16 German states, while CSU operates only in Bavaria.

Sider said on Sunday that he was ready to run “if the CDU, which is an older sister, is very clear, it will be widely supported.” He added that “it is clear that if the older sister says that this is not her offer, she has another offer, we would accept it.”

Soder said the candidate should be the best candidate in the September 26 election, in which Merkel is not seeking a fifth term after 16 years in power. This underscores the weakness of Laschet. Current polls show much better results for Soeder, who has been a strong supporter of tough action in the coronavirus epidemic.

In January, Laskett was elected CDU leader և did not enjoy the honeymoon, recently criticized for wanting to interfere in how to manage resuscitation in cases of viruses. The CDU suffered heavy losses in two state elections last month. National polls have shown that the Union is relinquishing its gains in strengthening Merkel’s management of the early stages of the coronavirus epidemic.

Among other things, it was offended by the slow start of vaccinations, accusations that several lawmakers from both the CDU and the CPM made a profit last year as Germany tried to provide masks. Some of these lawmakers have left their parties.

The union still leads the national polls, going from the Green Greens to the center-left Social Democrats. The Greens plan to announce on April 19 which of the two co-chairs of the party will submit their first candidacy for chancellor. The Social Democrats nominated incumbent Finance Minister Olaf Scholz months ago.

The CRC has twice previously nominated Franz Josef Strauss, the center-right candidate for chancellor, in 1980, and Edmund Stoiber in 2002. Both yielded to center-left leaders.


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