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The leader is off. The Nats are going to start with the shorts vs Braves

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The Washington Nationals are finally getting ready to start their season hosting Atlanta after their three-game series against the New York Mets was postponed due to a coronavirus outbreak.

The Nats still have 11 players left out, four of whom tested positive for COVID-19. The nationals did not say who was being isolated due to the test results or that an additional seven players were quarantined, as a contact investigation revealed they could have contracted the disease.

To the question, is it possible that in his first game in 2021? The players may include five starting players who were not expected to be there on the opening day, manager Dave Martinez replied: “It is possible. We will do it. “

The active players of Washington were training on Monday. The group consisted of Max Scherzer, who started the game in the first place, Juan Soto, Victor Robles, and Starlin Castro, who came in third. Among the key people who were not on the pitch while the LMs were allowed in the press were Trea Turner, Josh Bell, Josh Harrison, Jan Gomez, Alex Avila.

“Very rarely – probably never – have you played on the pitch with the same team all season. That’s kind of how we look at it, “said Ryan Zim Imerman, the only first person to attend the exercise on Monday. “We are confident in our entire list. “We have some guys who are going to get stronger and play well.”

Drew Smiley is set to start for the Brave, who played in three games for Filies to open 2021.


Dodgers left-back Clayton Kershaw (0-1, 7.94 ERA) is hoping to make a comeback from the poor opening day when he allowed six runs, five earned, more than 5 1/3 innings in Colorado. His second start came in Oakland (0-5), scoring .171, with Houston playing in four games before the start of the season. Right Chris Bassit (0-1, 5.06) is ready for the A’s.


Pames Paxton is back with the Mariners and will make his debut in Seattle after a pre-2019 sale. Withdrawing from left-wing flexibility in 2020, Paxton hopes to return the $ 8.5 million Ace Horse with a one-year contract to the 2013-18 patent. The big left-back will face White Sox’s Lucas Gi Olito (0-0, 3.38).


Tiger right-winger Casey Mize is making his debut, trying again for that unsuccessful first career victory. The 23-year-old was the No. 1 general election in the 2018 draft: he passed through the juveniles through the wind. Last season, he reached the major leagues, scoring 0-3 in seven starts – 6.99 ERA.

Mize’s control was a source of concern. Last season he traveled with Detroit on 13 1/3 28 1/3 trips, then this year he took 11 walks in 18 2/3 innings և 7.23 ERA. Mize will meet Nelson Cruz և Gemini at Comerica Park. The left-wing JA Happ celebrated its debut in Minnesota.


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