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The IRS says there is a new round of COVID assistance payments along the way

WASHINGTON (AP) – Along with daytime, this weekend could bring Americans more bank balances.

Officials from the նախարարության Ministry of Finance ուր Internal Revenue Service announced on Friday that the development of a new round of incentive payments has already begun, with the aim of making the first payments to bank accounts by the end of the first week.

President Biden on Thursday signed a new $ 1.9 trillion bailout package the day after the House received its final approval. The event envisages payments of up to $ 1,400 for eligible individuals and $ 5,600 for eligible families.

“Payments will be automatically delivered to taxpayers, even if the IRS continues to refund taxes regularly,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

It is estimated that 85% of Americans will be eligible to pay, և the goal is to pay millions in the next few weeks.

The aid, which went to party votes in both the House and the Senate, includes a third round of economic influence payments. Last spring, the first round provided up to $ 2,000 for each individual, and the second round of December payments – up to $ 600 per person.

The last package was passed by the Republicans without votes, who were against the size, insisting that it was not necessary, with signs that the economy is beginning to recover.

At a time when President Donald Trump considered the $ 900 billion aid bill in December too small, Biden agreed to increase the total amount of the individual to $ 1,400 in the new package.

The final round of assistance payments will provide households with $ 1,400 for each adult, child, or adult, such as college students or elderly relatives. Adults were not eligible for payments in the previous two rounds.

Fees start to fall for an individual when adjusted gross income exceeds $ 75,000 և reach zero when income reaches $ 80,000. The fee for married couples starts to decrease when the income exceeds $ 150,000 ոյի reaches zero – $ 160,000.

Officials said that from Monday, people can check out the Get My Payment tool on IRS.gov to get their payments back.

Taxpayers who provide banking information to the IRS will receive direct deposit payments, while others will receive paper checks or debit cards sent to them.

The officials said that in order to speed up aid payments, the IRS will use the latest available tax return, either the 2019 return filed last year or the 2020 tax return. Returns charged by April 15.

If last year’s employment situation changed due to an epidemic that resulted in millions of people losing their jobs or being forced to work shorter hours, officials said the IRS would adjust the amount of new impact payments after the 2020 return եթե provide additional payment if required : Officials said the adjustments would be made automatically by the IRS for people who have already submitted their 2020 return.

Officials said they want to make payments this way, not wait until 2020. Filing a tax return in favor of taxpayers to make quick payments.


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