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The head of UEFA women’s football is pushed back in the game against the Super League

MONTREX, Switzerland (AP) – The disbanded Super League will reverse the development of women’s play in Europe, UEFA’s head of women’s football said on Tuesday.

The 12 clubs that have announced that they will form a Super League on Sunday say they intend to start a women’s competition “as soon as possible before the start of the men’s competition”.

Nadine Kessler, who is in charge of women’s football at UEFA, said the indoor championship would hamper women’s efforts to build a stable, professional game on the continent.

“Unfortunately, only a small proportion of players have a full-time profession with guaranteed access to high-quality facilities,” he wrote in a Twitter post. “Not only do we need more clubs, but we have a better balance between those clubs to be able to develop more than just a few players.”

All 12 clubs in the Super League have women’s teams, but only two, Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​have reached the Women’s Champions League final, although others, such as Chelsea and Manchester City, are growing rapidly. Instead, the giants of the women’s game are clubs that have been left out of the Super League, such as Lyon Վ Weslesburg, Kessler’s former club.

If the Super League starts, “all the big steps taken in recent years, including the difficulties of many players in the past, to make our game a profession all over Europe, will have less chance of becoming a reality,” Kessler wrote.

It could be a branding clash. The highest division in England is called the Women’s Super League.


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