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The groups are suing a plan to drill oil wells in the state of California

Bakersfield, California. (AP) – Environmental groups in California have filed a lawsuit after a major oil-producing district approved a plan to speed up thousands of new wells in a state that is positioning itself to fight climate change.

On Monday, the Kern County Supervisory Board approved a revised decree that could lead to the approval of more than 40,000 new oil and gas wells in about 15 years.

The Sierra Club and other groups asked the court on Wednesday to order district officials to set aside the ceremony and ban them from approving any drilling permits.

The county, located about 166 miles north of Los Angeles, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last year, the state Court of Appeals ruled that the 2015 Cairn District Court The decision violated California Environmental Quality Act by not fully assessing or identifying the environmental damage that could result from the drilling. New drilling permits were not issued until the county returned to the board.

The revised decision will allow the county to use the Environmental Impact Code when considering 2,700 new wells per year.

Kern County is the leading producer of fossil fuels in large agricultural areas. It accounts for 80% of all oil and gas production in California, with 1 in 7,000 employees in the 900,000 counties working in the oil industry.

The inspectors argued that the fossil fuel industry provided good jobs, and that local production would be more environmentally friendly than bringing foreign oil by truck, boat or pipeline to the country’s most populous country.

According to the lawsuit, the most polluted air in the United States is already in the Kern region. It argues that the revised decision was based on “unrealistic assumptions” about pollution: failed to assess all health risks.

The county has not been able to provide Spanish-language versions of its ceremony notices, although it is Latin-majority, with many speaking Spanish as their primary language.

The decision is a “disaster for public health,” especially for poor communities of colored people living near oil wells, said Chelsea House, a senior advocate for the Race, Poverty and Environment Center, which represents the trial of several community groups.

The oil and gas industry is facing challenges from California lawmakers and environmental groups to create air, water pollution and climate change.

Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered a ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks until 2035. The new legislation will ban all shares until 2027, which limits the technique of injecting water, sand, gravel and chemicals into the soil by energy companies. high pressure to extract hard-to-reach oil and gas.



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