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The governor of Florida is gathering experts to certify the COVID response

TOLALASI, Fl. (AP) – The COVID-19 outbreak temporarily halted much of the economy a year later, putting the country in a debate over masks and blockades, with Florida Gov. Ron Desantis inviting a select group of health professionals to his state. At the Capitol on Thursday to help confirm his actions against the epidemic.

One by one, experts justified DeSantis, whose assertion of lifting blockades, reopening schools, and undermining masked mandates came to the fore as the public health crisis unfolded. The Republican Party’s handling of the virus will undoubtedly be a key issue when he is re-elected next year.

Experts invited by him have been hailed by some of the world’s most influential institutions, but their views have been criticized by leading scientists, including US infectious disease doctor Dr. Anthony Fauche, who last year called anti-blocking, odor immunity “nonsense”. »

The council on Thursday responded to the governor’s claims that the blockade ները masking mandates did little to prevent the spread of the virus և could do even more harm than good by harming people’s mental health և frightening some by not revealing the danger to the virus themselves.

“I think the blockade was the single biggest mistake in public health,” said Dr. Ayat Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford Medical School who helped write the Great Barrington Declaration. A petition claiming that blockades և other measures have caused a number of adverse effects that may adversely affect long-term public health.

Two other writers of the Declaration, Dr. Martin Kuldorf of Harvard University and Sunetra Gupta, a professor at Oxford University, also joined the governor during a roundtable discussion on Thursday. Also in attendance was Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist with no formal experience in public health or communicable diseases when Donald Trump used him as his chief epidemiologist last summer. Atlas later resigned.

“It is already clear that these blockages, contact marks and masks were not able to prevent the disease from recurring in the winter,” said Kuldorf, a professor of medicine at Harvard.

Florida was at the epicenter of the disease, which prompted DeSantis to close the business a year ago and called for social distance. When the Florida economy bleed jobs, he pushed the economy to reopen. He then moved to reopened schools.

“The data could not have been clearer that our state did much better than many others, especially those who imposed harsh sanctions on their inhabitants,” Desantis said after the roundtable.

Researchers have gathered extensive data on the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected more than 121 million people worldwide and killed nearly 2.7 million. The epidemic has killed at least 538,000 people in the United States, including more than 32,000 in Florida.

Some studies show that masks ումը restricting group activities, such as a closed meal, can help slow the spread of coronavirus, but it is less clear why states with more state-imposed restrictions have always been better off without them. :

California և Florida have been specially tested for their results, despite different approaches.

Despite more cautious action in reopening California, its COVID-19 incidence rate was similar to that of Florida, according to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mortality rates in both states are close to average. New York, which has been relatively tight on restrictions such as California, has had the worst mortality rate per capita since it was the epicenter of the nation’s early coronavirus.

Some researchers have warned against overly primitive interpretations of the data.

“There are a number of other factors that need to be considered to understand why mortality rates are different in different countries,” said Professor Glen Morris, director of the Emerging Pathogenic Institute at the University of Florida.

Despite claims by the governor’s panelists that masks, social distance որոն searching for communication are ineffective, Morris argues that these measures are actually slowing the spread of COVID-19.

“It makes no sense not to use every tool we have to slow the transmission of the disease, to prevent” long “complications, to limit the chances of further development of the coronavirus, which leads to the emergence of new strains – variants of strains that are transmitted faster, can cause more serious diseases.” he said in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nicky Fried, a likely Democratic challenger to the governor’s race, has accused DeSantis of “raising misinformation.”

“We do not need a roundtable to know that expanding access to vaccines is what needs to be done to save lives and jobs,” Fried wrote on Twitter.

Although DeSantis is gradually lowering its age for getting coronavirus vaccines, it is now 60 years old, and its critics are urging it to do so sooner.



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