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The giants get 6 closing chances from the web, beat the “reds” 6-3

CINCINNATI (AP) – Logan Webb made six closures, with the San Francisco Giants supporting him in three home runs on Monday night at 6 p.m. Defeating the Incinite Reds by 3 points.

Wilmer Flores, Mike Jastrzemski and Mauricio Dubon have joined the NL’s leading Western giants.

Webb (3-3) gave six hits, made four hits, walked on dough. The Reds left the bases loaded in the second base, but Webb did not allow the runner to rest for a second և and generated a pair of double play balls.

The Reds did not show their defensive help.

The Giants loaded the ground in the first game against Sonny Gray (0-3) եցին ran to the side when the second baseman Jon Onathan Indian played the ball of the potentially ending double game.

In the Giants’ fourth, short cup Eugenio Suarez made a mistake by a player that allowed Brandon Crawford to reach. Flores followed his third home race of the season, hitting the front row of the right-hand stands.

Yastrzemski hit 430 feet on the right center field in the fifth half with two exits, while Dubon made it 5-0 in the sixth with two solo shots.

In the third essay, Essie Winker scored a single for the Reds, scoring a point. Nick Castellanos և Suarez hit home in the eighth.

Gray went five innings, allowing five hits and four three-stroke runs.


Reds 3B Mike Moustakas did not start his third consecutive game in Colorado after suffering a heel concussion during the series. He hit the eighth inning with a rotating kick, drawing while walking. Manager David Bell said he could return to action on Tuesday. Moustakas played his first foray against Joe Oe Voto due to a broken thumb.


Giants RHP Anthony Desclafani will make his debut at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday after signing off-season San Francisco. He spent five seasons with the Incinati. The Reds will face right-back Luis Castillo.


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