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The German Brewery is paired with bakers for extra beer

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DUSSELDORF, Germany (AP) – Restaurants and bars that were closed due to epidemic restrictions have found their Dusseldorf brewery 6,000 liters (1,585 liters gallons) of Altbier copper sold unsold.

But with time comes new solutions. The Fuechschen Brewery was paired with artisan bakers who were already using leftover grains to make Treberbrot or Spone Grain Bread.

“It would be a shame to throw away such a delicious beer,” said Peter Koenig, whose family has run a brewery since 1908.

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“Then the idea came to us: to bake bread with beer, to leave the water,” he said on Tuesday. “I think it’s wonderful that these two craft industries have come together like this.”

About a dozen bakeries have been producing Treberbrot since the beginning of the week, giving away one bottle of Fuechschen’s Altbier, a regional specialty, for each loaf.

“It’s a very hearty, delicious bread with a crispy crust and a soft texture,” said Janika Derksen, a baker whose family runs the Coelven bakery.

He said word of a bakery selling his bakery for 3.95 euros ($ 4.65) per loaf, including an Altbier bottle, spread quickly.

“We have received inquiries from all over Germany if we can mail what we love to do,” he said.

Customer Michael Maassen went downstairs on Tuesday after hearing about a promotion on social media to buy himself a Altbir bottle.

“It is a wonderful campaign, solidarity with each other is stronger now than ever before,” said the 48-year-old soldier.

“I hope it tastes like Fuechschen.”

Beer sales in Germany have been hit by blocking measures that have closed restaurants and bars since early November, except for withdrawals.

This is especially a problem for very small German brewers, such as Fuecheschen, who often rely heavily on beer sales that they cannot afford at the moment.


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