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The French wave of the virus raises the shocking ghost of the ICU

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When Paris (AP) – As French President Emmanuel Macron meets his coronavirus strategy meeting this week, some figures at his disposal from overcrowded hospitals will show why doctors are persistently trying to prevent unprecedented poverty from infectious diseases.

Internal forecasts by the Paris Public Hospital body, some of which were seen by the Associated Press, suggest that the intensive care unit of 12 million people will soon have to find space for more seriously ill patients than ever before. At the national level, the number of ICU patients has already surpassed the level of the last fatal outcome in France in the fall.

Increasingly, hospital figures suggest that this new wave of risk is becoming the worst ever, putting pressure on Macron to reverse – to close the country once again, as he did in October and November.

At Bichat Hospital, one of the largest in Paris, Dr. Aurelie Guell’s job is to find a place to operate in the rabbit’s operating room. His phone is constantly ringing, asking for more and more pressed resources. Half of the conference was suspended this week to vacate COVID-19 care staff և area, Guell said.

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“The hospital is not large enough to accommodate sick people,” he said on Tuesday. “We are under pressure to open extra beds, but we can not do that with exhausted health care providers.”

Less urgent procedures, such as hip replacement, are delayed. “Even if the patient is in pain, I understand that having pain is a real problem, they have to wait,” Guell said.

Outside the capital, ICU wards are also at the site of the blast. Patients with the virus occupy all 16 ICU beds at Amiens Main Hospital, where Macron was born and educated. For non-COVID-19 patients, the ten temporary ICU beds in the pediatric ward this month are also mostly full.

Dr Michel Slaman, the ICU’s deputy head, said on Tuesday that at the current rate of admission, without tighter virus control measures, his hospital could soon face its worst battle to date.

“Do you see that slope?” “Look how sharp it is.” he said, outlining the outbreak of viral infections and hospitalizations in northern France, including the Amiens region.

At the WMC, relatives were silently circling the bed of a 60-year-old man near death.

The situation in France was echoed by a recent British experiment, which saw an increase in infections in December as a more contagious version of the virus prevailed, before spreading to France and Europe. But when British Prime Minister Boris John Onson responded by closing his country again, Macron instead pursued a strategy of trying to curb the infection through milder means, overcoming it with vaccines.

A national curfew has been in place overnight since January. In Paris, in other regions where the virus is spreading rapidly, residents also have additional restrictions on movement and insignificant shops are closed.

Doctors want to tighten control, warning that growing infections could soon overwhelm patients’ ability to care for them, forcing them to choose which patients have the resources to save. On Tuesday, the French ICU had to accommodate 569 new patients, exceeding 5,000 for the first time in 11 months.

When Macron, his ministers and aides meet on Wednesday, the closure of the schools will be discussed. This is an option that his government described as a last resort, with resistance as France’s first blockchain to switch to online education in 2020 was particularly harmful to vulnerable children, and to fuel children’s mental health problems.

The government says it wants to avoid getting to the point where CRU doctors will have to divert patients. “The absolute red line is patient recycling,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Mair said on Tuesday.

But doctors say the red line is getting closer. The AP predicts that the reputation of the Paris hospital will rise alarmingly. They predict that by Friday the region’s WMC could have nearly 2,000 patients in care, up from 1,525 on Tuesday. That’s more than the peak of 1,138 patients absorbed by the MMI in the Paris region in the latest wave that forced the blockade of France, which lasted until mid-December.

Other long-term forecasts are even darker, with unprecedented potential peaks – more than 3,400, or even 4,400 ICU patients – in the Paris region by mid-April. on condition of anonymity, as they were internal. The director said that the mere thought of people with such a serious illness for the soul, which would be much more than the hospitals in Paris absorbed when the virus appeared in 2020, is worrying.

Other doctors say hospitals will not transport critically ill patients but will not be able to offer their best care.

“No matter what political decision is made, we are moving towards the wall,” Gil il Pialou, head of infectious diseases at the Tenon Hospital in Paris, told France Inter radio on Tuesday.

“The proposed care will be degraded, it will be degraded for everyone, both HPP and non-HPC,” he said. “The thing is, if we allow it to rise steadily, we will find ourselves in a situation like Lombardy (Italy) when families realize that patients are going to die on the sheaths. That’s what we want to avoid. ”


Leicester reported from Le Pecq in France and Charlton from Amiens. Associated Press writer London’s Lawles made his contribution to London.


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