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The free agency gave the 49ers Williams money and happiness

SANTA CLARA, California. (AP) – When Trent Williams was sitting in the 2019 season, when he was in a dispute with the Washington office, he thought that he would choose either to get a salary or to be somewhere that makes him happy.

Less than two years later, he found both.

Williams was rewarded last week after 49 closed him out on a six-year, $ 138.1 million contract after picking up his Pro Bowl-level game in San Francisco last April, where he rejoined a coach he considered a family man. : The richest cast on the offensive line in NFL history.

“I thought it would be one way or another. “I thought I would either make a lot of money, be somewhere I hated being there, or be somewhere I wanted to be playing for a discount,” Williams said on Tuesday after the deal was officially signed. “I definitely did not think there would be both.”

When the free agency was launched last week, Williams was unsure how things would turn out in San Francisco, where he hoped to stay with coach Kyle Sanahan, who worked for his father, who recruited Williams to Washington in 2020. . And it has an offensive system that matches Williams’ strengths.

As negotiations with Kansas City escalated, with the possibility of blocking Patrick Mahomes’s bosses, Williams called Sanahan and told him to press the Nins negotiator, Parag Marathe, to reach a deal with Vince Taylor.

“When I got the thundered Kansas City ready to make it official, I called Kylie,” Williams said. “I could not get out,” he said. I said. “We just have to hurry if you get my drift. Tell Parag և Vince to work out something. I have to make my decision so that everything is on the table. ”

About an hour later, the deal with the 49ers ended, giving Williams the biggest signing bonus ever on the offensive line – $ 30.1 million, as well as the $ 55.1 million guaranteed on the deal, $ 10,000 a year more than offensive. the previous record of the line. , which was established last year by Green Bay David Bakhtiari.

The deal is being reimbursed for Williams, who turns 33 in July. For the first three years, he will receive about $ 60 million, and the rest will come in the last three seasons, when he will be 36, 37 և 38 years old, if 49 decide to keep him as long as none of that money is guaranteed.

Williams believes that this only increases his motivation to maintain a high level of play.

“I’ve been to the Pro Bowl for the last eight years, where I’ve been in the industry. “At the moment I’m not really worried about the decline,” Williams said. “I know, six years is going to be a long time. I think it is possible. I appreciate the 49s in that sixth year of adding that stimulus.

Williams participated in the whole 2019 Season in Washington. He had disagreements with the organization when he refused to play because he said he did not trust the medical staff, the front office, because of a misdiagnosed cancer diagnosis.

The Niners acquired Williams from Washington during last year’s conscription in 2020. To vote in the fifth round և 2021. In the third round.

He soon showed some signs of rust, but quickly returned to his usual way, earning his eighth Pro Bowl pick. Williams has been rated as a top left-back by Pro Football Focus and is now also paid.

After playing in the Super Cup last season, the team had almost no success, winning six games in a season full of injuries.

But with key players like Williams. defender Kayl Yushchik; defensive defenders ason Eason Verrett, qu akuski Tart և Emanuel Mosley; Williams believes the Niners have a roster to compete with the teams he watched in the playoffs a few months ago.

“I just know that if my team was tactical, I know we would be one of those teams that was either fighting for position or fighting for that Lombardi,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m delighted. I think we got every piece of the puzzle needed to win this section և conference. ”

NOTES. The 49-year-olds also signed DL Jordan worm Willis for a one-year deal. Willis had 2 1/2 bags in seven games after buying planes during the mid-season trade.


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