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The first meeting in Strasbourg since August. March 4 to March 6

Steven Strasbourg uttered his quick ball command faster than before the carpal tunnel surgery, saying that his first game in almost seven full months was essentially the same as any newcomer to the Grapefruit League on Tuesday night against the Houston Astros. After 3 throws each.

“It really didn’t feel like it was in the previous sources, so I think in a sense it’s a relief,” said the 2019 World Series MVP, who made just two starts and only five innings. In 2020.

In 2019, he led the NL with 209 seasons and 18 wins, then went on to win 5-0 last season – no pitcher has ever done that – at the same time helping the Nationals win their first league title.

“This is not my first rodeo when it comes to injuries and things,” Strasbourg said during the video, knowing that he had made more than 10 referrals to the injured list over the years, and in 2012 operated on Tommy John O’Neill. “So I’m kind of at the point where I’m going to go out there, give everything I have, punch.”

The 32-year-old right-back has not met any opponents since August 14, when he came out on 16 pitches against the Baltimore Orioles. The next day he underwent IL, closed a week later, underwent surgery soon to correct what was causing his thumb, and finally numb the entire stimulus arm.

In Strasbourg, West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, he said that he tried all kinds of stadiums. “As always in the spring,” he said, “the curved ball will be the last.”

He retired from five of the six Astros he encountered while throwing 38 pitches. It included four strikes: Carlos Correa, Julie Guriel, Kyle Tucker, Miles Straw and Michael Brantley.

The only Houston striker to hit the plate Ս Strasbourg on the hill when he did not come out was Jose Altվv, who was walking one step in the first step.

“You try to read the swings,” said Strasbourg. “I was quite happy with the kind of swings they took on my playgrounds.”

Ahead of the game, Nations coach Dave Martinez said he aims to give Strasbourg a chance to reach about 35 pitches, the first of five spring training sessions on the opening day of April 1, like the other leaders. Members of the Washington rotation, such as Max Scherzer և Patrick Corbyn.

“I watched him. Its mechanics are clean. Everything is fine: “His regime was the same,” Martinez said. “He worked really hard. “Proof of why he could come and go today. I hope he got those five starts without any problems, ready for the season.”


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