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The fight against food. In France, school meals without meat are irritating

The ecological mayor of one of the most famous gastronomic cities in France, while removing meat from canteens, has raised a storm of protest and debate as the country increasingly questions the environmental costs of its meat diet. habits

The children of Lyon, who were regularly offered a choice such as rich beef and chicken sauces, found that their meat version was missing this week when they returned from school holidays. In its place. Four fruitless meals that Lyon City Hall says will be quicker և easier to serve to children who have to stay away from food during a meal due to a co-viral outbreak to avoid infections.

The municipality claims that meat-free meals are temporary, that school cafeterias again offer meat options when social exclusion rules are eased, and that children ունեն have more time to choose their food և to eat.

And the menus without meat still contain animal protein. The main courses for this week include fish on Mondays and Fridays, eggs with either omelet or lightly cooked in a creamy sauce, and other days. Children get salads, dairy products, often cheese or yogurt, desserts.

Farmers still saw red. Some protested on Monday in farm cars, cows and goats to Lyon, which is proud of its rich restaurant culture and signature dishes, many of which are meaty.

Protesters’ posters and banners glorified eating meat, declaring “meat from our fields = healthy child” և “Stopping meat is a guarantee of vulnerability to future coronaviruses.”

The weight was also weighed by the government’s Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormand, who accused the city of Lyon of “putting our children’s plates into ideology.” Other critics have argued that the measure would punish children from poorer families who may not be able to eat meat outside of school.

“In terms of nutrition, it is absurd to stop eating meat,” the minister told RTL radio on Tuesday. “It ‘s a shame from a social point of view.”

Although this was facilitated by the French obsession with food, the country’s powerful agricultural lobby, the furor also evaporated and took on a political tone due to the French election calendar.

The wave of victories of the green candidates in last year’s municipal elections, including the mayor of Lyon, hit the center-right party of French President Emanuel Macron. Their success reflected growing concern in France about the damage to the environment from intensive agriculture and other green problems. As more local elections were expected later this year, the Lyon school food dispute sparked a growing political battle.

The city of Lyon said that serving the same food to all children, instead of offering them regular meat-without meat options, would reduce lunch time. The municipality said that there are only two hours to feed 29,000 children, which is difficult to maintain when classes have to be set aside in canteens to minimize viral infections. The municipality said it also prefers meat-free meals because they are suitable for all children, including those who do not normally eat meat for religious, dietary or other reasons.

The mayor, Gregory Duset, said he was flexible, ate a reasonable amount of meat, and did not try to force children to eat vegetarian food.

“It is possible to offer hot food to all the children sitting down,” he told BFM-TV. “This is Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. Taste is also important for us. ”



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