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The Euroleague still hopes that the fans will participate in its final four

Euroleague CEO Jord son Bertomeu is an optimistic man by nature.

He was not necessarily surprised that his league was able to overcome an epidemic of teams from 10 different countries playing, in fact, 10 different rules this season.

He also hopes that the signing of his league could be a serious event this spring.

The Euroleague announced on Thursday that it has partnered with US consulting firm Elevate Sports Ventures to help the league develop a ticket sales, fan experience, hospitality, etc. strategy for its May Final Four. fans will be present.

“Of course not an incomplete house, that’s for sure,” Bertomeu said. “It is too early to say whether the spectators will be allowed to go to the gym, but most importantly, our biggest concern at the start of the season is that we were able to play the season.”

The quarter-finals of the Euroleague are broadcast in more than 200 countries, bringing together the best teams in the continent’s top leagues. It was canceled last year due to an epidemic. This year’s event is scheduled for May 28-30 in Cologne, Germany.

“We are still confident that a certain percentage of the fans will allow it,” said Bertomeu. “So what we are trying to see is how we can compensate for the fact that this will be another final quartet compared to the previous 16, 17 editions, where the final quartet was usually the big European basketball party, the European showcase. : basketball In the coming weeks or months we will try to figure out how to do it best, how to be with our fans if they can not be with us.

This is where Elevate comes into play, even though the Euroleague was in talks with the company before the epidemic to make the Final Four an even bigger event. They think of plans, from premium seats to fan support.

“We talked about how it might reflect more, say, maybe what you see in the United States during Super Bowl week or what you can see around our biggest sporting events,” said Elevate President Chip Bowers. “You can unite communities to engage in many different passions of life և use this special event as a magnet to bring together people from different cultures to celebrate this moment in time.”

The Euroleague is generally considered to be the second best basketball league in the world behind the NBA. Like the Football Champions League, it is essentially a seasonal tournament between the continent’s top clubs, which also play internal schedules.

It put a lot of pressure on this season, with some early disappointments being felt mostly in empty arenas, as the NBA and other professional sports leagues around the world have. Protocols may vary from country to country; everything has evolved over the course of the epidemic.

Some fans are back. That’s a good sign. As the playoffs approach, there could be more games. And next season, Bertomeu hopes, will be normal.

“This is not optimism, this is realistic,” Bertomeu said. “We can not stay away from our fans for another season without the experience of having them on the pitch. At least in Europe, one of the things that characterizes or describes our sport is the passion of the fans. This amazing set we have is one of the core values. It means a lot to us when we can not have them with us. ”

Having at least some of them in the final four will be a big step in the right direction.


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