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The easiest of the 3 points, Augusta No. 6 feels 2 holes

AUGUST, GA. (AP) – Dustin John Onson makes it easy because he’s so good that a lot of people feel that way. He realizes that Augusta National’s sixth hole-dance was one of the most crucial when he won the Masters.

Going to the final round in November with a four-stroke advantage, he jumped three times ahead of the Greens in No. 4, վրա on the next hole he made another spotty, losing 7 feet. Like, his result was equal to one.

Then he moved on to No. 6, known as Augusta National, known as Jihu.

“I know I made two boycotts, but it did not happen that I made really bad spots,” he said. “It simply came to my notice then. I knew I could rock and roll well. I just had to be patient. “

The pin was on the top shelf, on the right, behind it was a little wind. Son Onson chose 6 feet out of 8 irons.

“I just had to estimate the distance correctly,” he said. “I hit well there, I hit really well. It gave me the confidence I needed for the rest of the day. It was a really big hole. “

The third and sixth holes gave their share of great moments.

It was there that Nick Faldo trained the bird and began his incredible rally to defeat Greg Norman in 1996. That’s where Billy Patton died in 1954. He recently made a hole with 5 irons when he was trying to become the first amateur. to win a green jacket. He missed with one blow, joining the playoffs between Ben Hogan and Sam Snead.

For all the changes that took place during the years of Augusta National, for almost half a century it did not mix with the 3rd part. The exception was the extension of number 3.

“I think the sixth hole is a pretty extreme hole,” said Adam Scott. “You could not build that greenery anywhere today, to avoid it. No one would be happy about that. But it fits in well. ”

The pit plays 180 yards, straight down, towards a large green, with three steps, with significant slopes that determine the steps. Jordan worm Spiet says it can feel two different holes.

“Those right pins, you’re sitting there saying 3 is a good point. “Left pins, you feel the need to take a good look at the bird,” he said. “You feel like you lost half a hit, equaling two pins, and half a hit on the other two shots.”

The hole did not always look like this. Initially, it had a pond in front of the greenery. Augusta National completed it after the 1959 Masters. The only significant change since then was in 1975, when the bubble expanded.

It is classified as the 13th most difficult hole, the easiest among the 3rd parameters. It does not always feel that way when the pin is in the upper right drawer on Sunday, which makes John Onson’s shot even more impressive. Sungjae Im went past the green, playing with him in the last group, cut the pin short, missed an equal shot, two shots from the pendulum.

“Out of every 10 good iron hits I hit in that top box, I only had three or four balls on it,” Jim Furick once said. “It is probably only a maximum of eight yards out of seven yards. Many of them are not useful because if you hit them in the back, it will come back. You hit a very small area, but most of the guys will hit it.

“If you miss it for a while, I’d like to have that chip or putty from there.”

There are worse places than staying longer. Branden Grace watched as his chip rolled down the ridge to his feet, shooting in succession from 2016 to 7 in 2016, one of three quadruple boogies in that hole.

The left pin is not a party. Matt Kuchar said that a safe shot from a short distance from the hole would be 40 feet և he’s happy to take two putties գալ come out with an equal green. The front left pin, the sloping ball in the direction of the cup, is the best opportunity for bird flu.

“Most of the green time, half of that green is typical of most pins, leaving you with a 40-foot challenge,” Kuchar said. “You do everything to just have two phases, get out of there with three.”


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