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The early registration fee for the C-19 test distribution service is approaching. BreakingNationalNews Main Website:

Community Pharmacy Contractors who have not yet registered for the new Advanced Service, NHS Community Pharmacy COVID-19 Side Flow Distribution Service, but intend to do so, remind that there is an early registration fee for signatories. to provide the service until Sunday, April 18, 2021,

Contractors who register by April 18, 2021 և provide the service by June 30, 2021, will receive Early registration fee 200 200 + VAT AND A one-time fee of ֆ 250 + VAT will be paid to contractors who enroll in a service that covers operating costs, including the establishment of a standard service procedure, the training of staff involved in the service, and the cost of storing ordered test kits. from wholesale.

Subsequently, contractors who register for the service by April 18, 2021, will receive 450 450 + VAT in addition to the down payment for the service, in addition to the service fee for each transaction made.

BreakingNationalNews has released a number of resources to assist contractors in implementing and delivering this new service. Requirements պահանջ Additional information on BreakingNationalNews additional resources can be made available on our new C-19 Lateral Flow Distribution Service website.


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