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The drivers wanted. With the increase in vaccines, register demand in Uber

Uber offers sign-up bonuses խ other incentives for drivers as it faces record demand for walking և food delivery.

The San Francisco-based auto accident company said Monday that total monthly bookings, including food delivery and passenger service, reached an all-time high in March.

According to a government request, the company said demand for swimming hailstorms during last year ‘s coronavirus blockade recovered faster than expected, with more than 3 million COVID-19 vaccines a day in the United States.

Some people still avoid public transportation for fear of infection, boosting demand for services like Uber և Lyft as much as possible.

Last month, passenger bookings reached the highest level since last March, when rising rates of infection began to stop the country. Last month, bookings reached $ 30 billion a year. Last year, Uber’s passenger business recorded $ 26.4 billion in gross bookings.

Food supplies, of course, have grown over the past year, with Uber Eats deliveries reaching all-time highs in March. Having more districts open a restaurant with at least partial capacity could be a positive sign for Uber, as it could signal that some of the habits acquired during the epidemic may remain.

Food supplies jumped 150% year-on-year to $ 52 billion a year, the company said.

Last week, Uber announced $ 250 million in sign-up bonuses and other bonuses to entice more drivers. Many drivers quit last year when demand dried up, the company said. But now the demand exceeds the supply of calling Uber drivers, the company said.

In another profit, Uber partnered with Walgreens to make vaccinating drivers easier.

Being a professional, however, can still be considered too risky by some. A woman was arrested in San Francisco last month on suspicion of spraying pepper on an Uber driver, who was stabbed and injured after demanding a mask.

Drivers can still wait to see if Uber deepens its payroll and benefits. Uber was forced to classify its drivers in the UK as employees last month __ not contract workers __ following a Supreme Court ruling there. The company announced on Monday that it has begun addressing historic requirements for its UK drivers.

Shares of Uber Technologies Inc. rose nearly 5% to $ 60.40 on Monday.


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