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The dreaded “Chelsea” is formed after the start of the storm

For Thomas Tuchel, the first month at Chelsea was a whirlwind.

Seven games. Five victories. Two balls accepted. Ero ro losses. Opportunity for one player to dress in public.

Oh Oh, և thousands of thousands of passes.

The net result is a widespread acknowledgment that Chelsea have been renewed by sacking the club’s greatest player, Frank Lampard, and replacing him with a more experienced Tuchel tactic, which has already left its mark on the team as he transitioned to English football.

The schedule has so far been good for the German manager, despite Premier League games against informal teams (Wolves, Tottenham և Southampton) or out of contention (Newcastle, Burnley Շ Sheffield United for the second time). were waiting for the FA Cup match. Barnsley

Now is the time for the most difficult test of Tuchel’s Chelsea tenure. The last 16 matches of the Champions League against the leader of the Spanish championship “Atletico” and his 10-year-old coach Diego Simeone in the “Champions League”.

“This is exactly what we want, the biggest test,” Tuchel said on Monday. “Because, I hope, it brings out the best in us. In the game against Atletico, it is clear what you get: you have hard fights, an experienced team, a lot of thinking.

“We will do it our way, and they will do it.”

So what has been Chelsea’s “way” since Tuchel arrived on January 26, a day after Lampard’s shooting, the day Tuchel took charge of his first game?

As a result of a clear change in the game plan, Tuchel immediately changed lineup with Lampard’s 4-2-3-1 three-man defense, with high-scoring defenders and two sitting midfielders defending the defensive line.

Later, Tuchel sought to make the most of Timo Werner’s contract by placing him as a striker on the left “outside the main striker, who was replaced by Olivier oud Iru ուի Tami Abraham”.

The squad cleared the scrap, bringing in a number of players, including left-back Marcos Alonso, who has not played since Lampard in September, central defender Antonio Rudiger, and Kalum Hudson-Odo, who has occasionally acted as a right-back. During the Tukheli period.

Cesar Azpilicueta, the club’s trusted captain, has been a regular in the team as a center-right midfielder. His days were considered under Lampard.

Then there was a clear change in the game style. Chelsea dominated the ball; in four of the seven matches they had at least 70% dominance. In the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Chelsea had a 79% dominance, making 820 passes, which is more than any other team in the Premier League this season.

Some old habits are still dying hard. Chelsea continue to struggle to turn their dominance and territorial pressure into goals, as a draw at Southampton (1: 1) on Saturday when Tuchel felt sorry for his side’s “inaccuracy”.

“I did not feel we would kill the game in the last 20 meters,” he said.

Expect little chance against Atletico’s experienced, well-known rough defense as Tuchel takes over the leadership of the second different team in the current Champions League season, which was headed by 2019-20 runners-up Paris Saint-Germain in the group stage before his dismissal. December

Tuchel said that Chelsea must “outperform” in order to move to Atletico.

“It is only possible if you feel the connection between the players as a coach, I feel these things,” he said.

Tuchel said Hudson-Odo was in contention for the first leg on Tuesday after the 20-year-old England international was called up just 30 minutes after coming on as a substitute during the break, saying his “attitude” was wrong. :

This was Tuchel’s first blunder with the player since leaving, emphasizing the reputation of his reputation coach, who is not afraid to speak his mind.

Tuchel said on Monday that he had spoken to Hudson-Odo in front of the team during training that the job was done.

“Sometimes you say, ‘Should I have done that?’ said Tuchel, “because the media, from outside, make the family bigger than planned.” Still, I did, and I got the response I wanted.

“I said after the game that this is today’s decision, this is a lesson for him. For me too. ”

Indeed, Tuchel still has a lot to learn about his team, emphasizing the size of his task against Atletico, as he wants to surpass Simeone’s coach, who has been in office since 2011.

“You know you reach the highest level when you play Atletico in the first round of knockouts,” said Tuchel. “We are confident. We feel excited. ”


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