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The Czechs begin to ease the blockade, the youngest children return to school

PRAGUE (AP) – As the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic eased, one of the European Union’s worst-hit countries took its first steps on Monday to tighten its grip.

Health experts, however, warned that rest was far from over, as infection and mortality rates remained at dangerously high levels.

As of Monday, the Czechs are again allowed to travel to other areas, գիշ the night curfew has ended. Strict restrictions came into force in early March as the people of Central Europe sought to slow the spread of a highly contagious version of the virus first found in Britain.

Fifth graders returned to school on Monday in harsh conditions. Everyone has to wear face masks and be examined twice a week. At first they also return on a rotating basis. Attending school for one week and distance learning the following week.

However, in the Deccan region on the northern border with Germany, all schools remained closed, where health authorities discovered the first two cases of the first version found in Brazil.

Children’s clothing և shoe stores, farmers’ outdoor markets, zoos ուս botanical gardens were some of the places that reopened on Monday.

The reopening of the Prague Zoo will put an end to an unusual period for animals.

“Obviously, the fact that we had no visitors meant a change in the environment for the animals,” said Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo. “They needed to get used to the fact that visitors are not here. But now obviously they will have to get used to the visitors again. ”

Despite the decline in new COVID-19 cases, the Czech Republic, according to the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, continues to have the fourth highest rate per capita in the European Union.

Health Minister Peter Arenberg canceled the initial program at the last minute, allowing up to 20 people to gather outside and 10 inside.

An advisory group of scientists from the Ministry of Health strongly opposes this, saying that it poses a risk.

“Restricting the gathering is one of the most effective ways to contain the epidemic,” said Ian Culwaite, a member of the group.

If the government approves it later on Monday, only two people are allowed to gather, inside or outside.

The country of 10.7 million had 1.58 million confirmed cases, with more than 27,918 deaths. That leaves it with the highest cumulative deaths (259.7) per 100,000 people in the world, according to Hopkins University.


Associated Press photographer Peter Josek’s video journalist Adam Pambl contributed.


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