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The Cooperation Committee acknowledges racism in respecting war victims

LONDON (AP) – The British government և Commonwealth War Graves Commission has apologized after an investigation found that at least 161,000 predominantly African-Indians killed in World War I fighting for the British Empire were not properly honored. because of racism. »

The investigation found that at least 116,000 people, մոտ possibly about 350,000 – were either not named or not remembered at all, according to results released on Thursday. In addition, 45,000 to 54,000 other victims were “unequally mentioned.”

“We apologize unconditionally for the historical errors found in this report for not complying with the principle of ‘equality of treatment in death’,” the commission said after the results were published.

Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace on Thursday apologized at the House of Commons for “failing to properly commemorate the staff of the Sassanid Service fighting for the British Empire.”

The commission has appointed a commission to investigate allegations of unequal treatment of war victims in connection with a 2019 television documentary presented by David Lahm, a Labor lawmaker. The commission oversees the graves of more than 1.7 million former British service personnel killed during World War II.

“No apology can ever make up for the disgrace of the forgotten,” Lamy said. “Nevertheless, this apology gives us, as a nation, the opportunity to work in this ugly part of our history, to pay due tribute to every soldier who has sacrificed his life for us.”

Professor David Olusoga described the soldiers’ sacrifice as not being properly described as “one of the biggest scandals I have ever encountered as a historian.” He told the BBC that when Britain’s worst war broke out, part of its impact was “the power to perpetuate the memory of the fallen”.

“When it comes to men who were brown, Asian Africans are not equal, especially Africans who have been treated the way I said it’s dying apart,” he said. “It is an absolute scandal.”


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