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The Colts change the off-season schedule by breaking the deal with the players

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Colts coach in Indianapolis Frank Reich is always thinking of new approaches to getting the job done.

So this season, he offered to create center Ryan Kelly.

Instead of waiting for the traditional three-day mini-camp in June, Reich և general manager Chris Ballard asked Kelly if his teammates would be interested in taking a break, volunteering for two weeks and then taking a full eight weeks off. before the start of the training camp.

It was almost an instant hit.

“We have four hours a day, we test several times a week, we train, we do individual (exercises), we run in the air, we take action against crime,” Kelly said. “I think this is the best offer I’ve seen from any NFL player, it just shows that the Colts are active in health and safety. I think it just makes sense to move forward. “

The training started on Monday in the team complex, although it was not clear whether anyone refused, but most were chosen.

Team officials made available for interviews four veterans: Kelly, three-time All-Pro left-back Quenton Nelson, All-Pro defender DeForest Buckner and four-time Pro-Bow winner TY Hilton. Everyone participated.

Reich said new midfielder Carson Wentz was also in town, but left on Monday due to a non-COVID-19 illness. Indy hopes Wenzie will be out on the field on Tuesday. The recently left winger Eric Fischer was also in the squad, but he is still recovering from a hamstring injury in January.

The traditional odometer was removed last season amid an epidemic, and if players have something to say about it, the previous training session may be permanently canceled due to the new schedule for the regular season of the 17th Games.

What the players learned last year, NFLPA President C. Traiter wrote on Monday, was that they remained healthier without off-season teamwork. Treter explained on the union’s website that over the past decade, the union had become increasingly concerned about the intensity of off-season training and the pressure to attend internships.

He thinks that last season’s virtual training changed the game.

“The players felt better physically and mentally, the injury data supports those jokes,” Treter wrote. “Our player leaders have suggested changes to their team plans (this year), such as reducing the number of off-season weeks, reducing the number of internships, and reducing the intensity of eliminating internships through վեր 11 instead of 11. periods. “

But as some team players, such as the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, announced that they would not be volunteering, Reich and Ballard were already considering a solution.

They promised that the training would be light for an additional three weeks. Instead, Riech և his staff will be given five additional days to work on discussing the basics, equipment, instrumentation և և benefits և 2021 vision for individual players.

The hope is that they will have enough time with the players to see the results when they return to training.

“I am confident that we will do a lot of work during these two weeks,” Reich said. “There is no perfect solution. Do you trust each other? “Well, what is the purpose here?” We need to take some time. We have new coaches, new midfielders. What is the reasonable solution? ”

After returning to the playoffs last season, Kelly և and others quickly jumped on the boat, the second in two years.

After losing the season in Buffalo in January, Colter had to replace Philip Rivers, leaving Anthony Castonzo, who retired, as he played in the main line, Anthony Walker, and Astin Houston, who became a free agent, as a free agent. Houston remains unsigned.

Having made so many changes in key positions, the players thought it made sense to go back, get to know their new teammates, and start finding the chemistry that could make them a Super Cup contender.

Kelly thinks it could be a project for the future, her teammates seem to agree.

“I definitely think this is a big compromise between the players, the front office, the coaching staff,” Buckner said. “I have eight weeks to get these two lights two weeks before the beginning of June, to get ready to get our bodies in the right season, I think that’s the perfect adjustment.”


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