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The Colts are trying to find continuity after the Wentz deal

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – It was already busy for the off-season for Indian Reagan Colts coach Frank Reich.

He said goodbye to a long left-hand fight with Anthony Castonzo and starting defender Philip Rivers. welcomed the replacement of rivers in Carson Wentz. Offensive coordinator Nick Syrian replaced Marcus Brady’s promotion. եց Hired six new assistants.

The free agency and the project are still ahead.

But in the face of all these steps, the Reich is even more determined to strengthen the most necessary component of Indianapolis – continuity.

“I think you always feel like you will play any card that is dealt to you. We will play them well,” he said in a video call on Thursday. “But it is clear that the steps we have taken at the Free Agency are designed to provide a longer-term response so that you can grow as an insult. That is always the plan. “

The first three seasons of the Reich in Indy did not exactly follow the script.

Colt opened every fall with a different starting line-up: Andrew Luck, ob Jacob Bristet և Rivers. The series will almost certainly continue after Colter made two feature choices in Philadelphia instead of Wenz. League rules prohibit team officials from talking about trading or Wences until the new league year begins on March 17.

And while Indy reached the post-season twice during his tenure as Reich, it did not go beyond the split stage.

Colter believes that if Wenz had done what he did in 2016 և 2017 while working with the Reich, they might have lacked puzzles for their championship ambitions. In addition, signing a four-year contract with the 28-year-old could give the Colts some much-needed stability after retiring from the River River in August 2019, as well as leaving the much-anticipated Brissett free agency.

Last year, Ryan had a similar scenario with Rivers. CEO Chris Ballard has made a big bet that Reichs իան Syrian, one of Rivers’ former coaches, could help restore his Pro Bowler career eight times. They did.

Now the Reich will have the opportunity to do everything again.

“One of the ways to restore trust is to go back to the basics, the basics, the basic schemes, build it right away,” he said. “It applies to each of us, we will do that in every position, not just in the base position.”

Wenz will work with a different staff than Rivers after the Syrianman poached several Colt aides in Philadelphia for his new staff.

As Brad moves from midfielder to attacking coordinator and Clayton Adams moves from assistant coach to full-back, Reich will hire Brady to replace former Maryland star F CFL head coach Scott Milanovic. Scotty Montgomery is the new running coach, and Ken Mavan, the center of the Hall of Fame, is Adams’ replacement. Former Eagles game coordinator Press Taylor will also be assisting the attack.

Brady և Milanoviեցին worked together in the AFL, և Reich hopes that it will bring more creativity on the field.

“They are both really smart guys with a lot of innovative ideas that will keep us moving in the right direction,” Reich said. “We interviewed a lot of candidates, but these (six new) guys really stood out.”

One thing that can help Wentz hit back is the offensive line, which has been one of the best in the league for three years.

Losing Castonzo will hurt. But Reich admitted that All-Pro triple-left guard Quenton Nelson would be ready to take on the challenge if the Colts chose to do so. Other key offensive questions for the free agent are whether the Colts will re-sign Pro Bowl winner TY Hilton, 32, or former 1,000-yard rush Marlon Mack, who missed all two quarters of his torn Achilles last season. tendon

With or without them, the Colts rely on Wentz for a solid, long-term solution.

“We believe we have the right list here, we believe we have the right culture here, the goodness of the base games is crucial to winning the World Cup,” Reich said. “I feel that our midfielders played well here, I think we should continue to play that way, even improve it to win the World Cup.”


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